How A Racoon, A Pig, and A Panda Can Help to Fill Your Studio… Fast!

Have you met the WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers finger friends yet?  If not, allow me to introduce Thumbelina, Pointer Panda, Middleton Mouse, Ringo Raccoon and Pinky Pig.  You’ll want to get to know these guys… because they have the potential to fill all of those holes in your piano teaching schedule!

WunderKeys Piano For Preschoolers

Over 1000 teachers in 20 different countries world-wide have added WunderKeys to their piano studio program and the feedback we are receiving is fantastic.  

Why WunderKeys Does “Wunderful” things!

If you’re like me you receive many phone calls from parents wanting to enroll their 3-5 year old’s in piano lessons.  With so many studies being published about the benefits of piano lessons to the developing brains of preschool-aged children, parents are taking note.  You can now stop turning them away because of a lack of available programming!  We developed WunderKeys to be a true on-on-one preschool piano program, and teachers everywhere are realizing the wonderful things WunderKeys can do for their studios.  Check it out:

1.  Exposure to your community – you will be marketing to an age group with no competition!  WunderKeys allows you to sign up students to your piano studio before other teachers even think of advertising to them.  These students stay long-term and keep your piano teaching schedule healthy and booming.  The best part is – we create the marketing materials for you and your own persona webpage… for free!

2.  WunderKeys saves you time – We provide you with all of the materials you need to keep even the most rambunctious 4 year old happy for 30 minutes each and every week.  No pre-planning lessons, searching for activities or spending hours of your own time developing programming.  It’s all done for you and is easily accessed online anytime you need it.

3.  WunderKeys gives you quality – The WunderKeys program creates beginning piano students with a solid foundation in early piano skills and gives them the keyboard awareness, rhythmic understanding and muscle coordination needed to succeed as a piano student.  

And The Best Part of All…

Preschool Piano Book Image

At our number one priority is to help teachers build successful piano teaching studios. This is why the WunderKeys program doesn’t cost piano teachers a dime.  No registration fees, licensing costs or sign-up dues.  Simply purchase the method books as you need them and re-sell them to your new students.  We are very conscious of piano teachers’ expenses… so we eliminated them!

Want to hear what other piano teachers are saying about WunderKeys?… then keep reading. Want to visit the WunderKeys website immediately?… then click here!

Check Out What Teachers Are Saying!

“Let me tell you that I am loving Wunderkeys! I love the songs, the finger plays the book, the art work, card games…everything.”  ~Dorla Aparicio

“I have one family that drives 45 minutes to lessons because I am the only one teaching a program like this.  I just responded to two more inquiries this morning too. My only problem now is trying to get everyone into my getting-jammed schedule. (Not complaining, nice problem to have!)” ~Kristin Taylor

“When I shared the emails about the program, my wife’s response was “They understand how to work with pre-schoolers!” Her undergraduate degree was in the field of working with pre-schoolers, so her opinion is important to me. What I like about the program so far is that individual lessons are the focus. So many group curriculums and I am tired of adapting them. Thank you, for the work you have done for all of us teachers and preschool students!” ~Allen Long

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