Recitals Gone Bad: And The Winner Is…

I’m so glad we can share in one another’s pain, all the while having a good laugh. Actually, replace “good laugh” with “bustin’ a gut” because there were some seriously funny recital disasters!

Between broken pedals, security alarms, cheeky offspring, and swear words, it was tough to choose a winner. But, at the end of the day, we simply had to give the nod to Michelle M. who accidentally kept her little students busy searching for the word “ass”. That’s right, unfortunately for Michelle, during the creation of a Christmas word search puzzle her spell check thought this to be a perfectly acceptable substitute for “donkey”.

The second winner (selected at random) is Brittany R. 

Thank you to all contributors and, to the winners, please check out our resources at the Teach Piano Today store, and let us know which one you choose as your prize.

6 Responses to Recitals Gone Bad: And The Winner Is…

  1. says

    My all-time favorite is chapter 30 in James Herriot’s book, The Lord God Made Them All, about him sitting through his kids’ piano recital. I have read this aloud at my recitals. Enjoy!

  2. Brittany Roque says

    Thanks again for picking my name!! I sent an email yesterday about winning the contest…. wondering what I won?!

    • says

      Hi Brittany! Sorry – our power was out yesterday. Not great for an internet business! :) I’m sending you the link right now to download your Fearless Fortissimo Episode 2 as you requested.

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