And Still They Show Up: When Piano Teaching Awesomeness Backfires

I’m one relaxed lady at the moment.  And I just finished an entire bag of caramel popcorn. Don’t judge.

Why am I relaxed?  Well, sugar has always made me feel wonderful… but it is actually to do with the fact that I am officially finished with “recital season”.  This weekend saw me as the ring master in the circus that is our studio recitals.  165 students performed throughout the day on Saturday and 40 “under 5’s” on Tuesday night.  And I should mention that my 13 month old came down with Rubella 4 nights before and… duh duh duh dah!… my own immunization didn’t work back when I was a kiddie (I’m one of 5% of the population)… so I got it too!  German Measles and recitals make a delightful combination, let me tell you.

But it’s over.  And it was a success.

So this week in my studio I was praying for a bit of peace and quiet.  Dare I say I was hoping for some cancelled lessons?  A couple of no-shows?  Recitals are over and it’s almost the holidays; it’s prime-time for piano lessons to be forgotten… giving me a chance to do some online shopping and possibly even tidy the war zone that is my office?  

But no.   Every single student has come.  We’re in the height of school concerts, parties, light-ups… the flu… come on people!!

This is when piano teaching awesomeness backfires.

Thank goodness most of them brought presents.  And thank goodness most of those presents were chocolate… and some caramel popcorn.

Do you WANT your students to WANT to come to lessons? Most of my kiddies barged in the door this week demanding the next activities from “Shhh… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice”. We’ve created a monster… a book that is as addicting to piano students as cookies are to Santa. Check it out and be armed and ready for the January blues that are just around the corner.

18 Responses to And Still They Show Up: When Piano Teaching Awesomeness Backfires

  1. Kelly says

    Thank you so much for your honesty and candor! Sometimes I see the car drive up when the mom is running a little late and think NOOOOOOOO! I’m glad I’m not alone…

  2. Debbie Moore says

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    I have three grown children and remember how tiring the season can be. I hope you can slow down now, enjoy and have some fun.

    I appreciate and look forward to your messages!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Michelle Miller says

    Rubella during recital week, wow! So glad to hear your feeling better! Have a very, Merry and peaceful Christmas!

  4. says

    Yes, I hear that – about the car driving up – but for it’s – “I just want a few more minutes to play the piano” (especially during the Christmas season) :>)
    Merry Christmas

    • says

      So true Joyce! Especially since I have a new piano and a little toddler who hates it when my attention is on anything but her. Precious moments on the piano are few and far between these days! :)

  5. Marilyn Brennan says

    I love your posts and identify with this even though I do not run the “show” you do! Thank you so much for doing this blog. Love it. Have not yet felt convinced to buy the book though……

    • says

      Thanks Marilyn! We’re glad you’re enjoying the posts. You can read what other teachers are saying about the book (if you like) on our reviews page as well as in the comments of our most popular post on the home page (“We Want to Makeover…”) But if not we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the blog :)

  6. says

    Your post made me laugh, ok not the part about German Measles and recital, but about the kids showing up for lessons. Being well-loved is a tough job! So,congratulations and thanks for your insightful posts. Merry Christmas and keep on keeping on!

    • says

      Thank you Carol! Glad to bring some laughter to your day :) It’s okay to laugh about the measles. If you can’t laugh about these things what else is there to do!

  7. says

    I just finished my first recital on saturday and it went fantastically well! Probably thanks to putting all of the kiddos through recital boot camp :) Luckily I’ve received many chocolate pianos and gift cards so far. So worth the work! Annnnnd two students cancelled today. Woot!!!!

    • says

      Hi Carly – congrats on being done! I’m so glad to hear the Recital Prep Bootcamp post helped your students :) Yay for chocolate gifts… and for unexpected breaks in your day LOL. Happy Holidays!

  8. Sam says

    3/4 of my students cancelled today (it didn’t help that one was a family of three) I can’t say I’m too sad though, I’m ready for christmas break!

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