How a Cup Of Joe Got This Piano Teacher Punched Out!

I’ve spent years writing out detailed notes in my students’ binders and I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that no one reads them.  Not the students.  Not the parents.

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And how effective are those notes really to an 8 year old who is just going to plop down and play through their piano pieces on their own??  I’m realistic. But I really do want parents to know what their child should be working on… and besides… I write some notes in there that are just darn insightful!  They should be read!

So, I came up with a fun idea to make sure those back and forth binders are cracked open each and every week and that all that important piano practice information is read…

The “Check It Out” Punch Card – Here’s How It Works

How many of you keep those tattered loyalty punch cards in your wallet from every coffee shop you’ve visited?  It’s a simple idea… purchase here, I’ll punch your card.  Purchase here frequently, and I’ll give you something for free!  Here’s the thing… we piano teachers can learn more from our espresso soaked friends at the local java hut than how to sip your way through 6 hours of 6 year olds…

Put on your graphic designer hat for a moment and make your own loyalty cards.  Give each of your piano students a “Check it out!” punch card.  These are simply cool looking cards (print them on cardstock using your word processing templates and laminate if you choose to) that are then paper clipped to the front of their piano binder.  Each time your piano student has their weekly lesson notes page initialed by Mom or Dad, you punch a hole in their card.  Every 10 holes = a prize (of your choice) and the opportunity to start a whole new card.

It’s simple but it works.  It’s a very effective way of knowing immediately who has read their weekly piano practice assignments and who needs a new approach to practicing effectively.  Give it a try!

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    Here’s a twist I put on mine:
    So instead of me punching it, the parents just initial the boxes and date :)

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