If You See A Bunch of Amorous Turtles Running Around… Blame This Guy!

You may just be giving your piano students a life skill you never dreamed of bestowing… the potential to save endangered species!

The London Zoo, in an effort to encourage their Giant Tortoises to mate, set up a grand piano in front of the Tortoise enclosure, thinking that perhaps some romantic piano music was just what was needed.  But they knew that the 70 year old Tortoise, Dirk, had a tough exterior.  Not just any music would do.

So, world-renowned pianist, Richard Clayderman, was chosen to set the mood, playing his famous piece “Ballade pour Adeline” along with other famous love themes.

And while Dirk and his lovely ladies Dolly, Polly and Dolores (come on… not one was named Shelly?!) seemed amused by the private concert… Valentines Day did not come early to the Tortoise exhibit.  But do not despair.  Dirk is only 70 years old, and being a tortoise, he has at least another good 80 years worth of piano tunes to hear and ladies to woo.

Perhaps your piano student will be the next musician asked to serenade a disconnected duo of animals on the brink of extinction!  Just one more benefit of piano lessons to add to that growing list…


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  1. Debbie says

    Sometimes we forget that creatures have “opinions” too and a right to hear the glories of music. Thanks for sharing this.

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