Okay Piano Teachers… Who Can Relate?

Be honest… which of the two piano teaching scenarios below speaks to YOU? Let us know in the comments below. (If a clip isn’t moving, just scroll your mouse over top of it.)

1. When a student forgets to practice.

When a student forgets to practice… again!

When a student forgets to practice… again and again and again!

OR …

2. When a parent asks for a make-up lesson.

21 Responses to Okay Piano Teachers… Who Can Relate?

  1. Michelle Miller says

    LOL!!!! Oh I can relate to all of them….but especially the head banging on the desk…..and the make up lesson expression! Lol!

  2. says

    I had a couple of head banging scenarios on Monday – two students I love dearly (and they have back to back lessons) but they DON’T practice…however it didn’t shake me until this week…after many weeks of this…maybe my biggest fear is really that they’ve lost interest? I don’t want to lose them.

  3. Marilyn Brennan says

    This is too hilarious!! Thanks for the comic relief. Jeanie, love your reply! Also, are they supposed to COME every week? Not that we care if they do poorly at Festival….or remember how to read music…or have any continuity…..

  4. Eleanor Baldwin says

    I guess your next blog should be on Plan B lessons when your student forgets to practice. One of my solutions is to pull out duet books a year below their level and play until the parent comes. I also tell them that if they don’t practice by the next lesson they will be hung upside down from my dining room chandelier, sprinkled with garlic salt and added to my spaghetti sauce. I’ve come so close!!!

  5. says

    I don’t think many students ‘forget’ to practice. I’m sure it occasionally crosses their mind (perhaps when they pass the piano…) that they should be practicing, but they make a conscious decision not to!

  6. Beryl Wiezel says

    lol. My favourite comment is not so much about forgetting to practice but having something to practice on!! How many times do we hear “oh, I don’t want to buy anything until we are sure they are going to like it” or “we will buy a piano/digital piano later, but we have a Kmart keyboard to start with”!!!!

  7. Laura says

    Here’s a new one. Today I received a text from the mother of identical twins I teach…..They didn’t have a chance to practice this week, so would I please give them a makeup lesson this weekend. Smackin head, breathing in the bag

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