One Simple Bit of Tech May Be a Piano Teacher’s Best Friend!

We were reminiscing yesterday with our parents about the days when they had a party line on their telephone.  Everyone had a distinctive ring… and whether you chose to listen in on your neighbors’ conversations (or tie up the phone line for hours!) was up to you.

How far we’ve come!  Cell phones are continually evolving… and while we’ve written about how you can effectively use a smart phone in your piano lessons, today we’re talking about something else that your cell phone can do for you.

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The Easiest Way to Stay in Touch with Piano Students

Do you need to send out frequent reminders for tuition that is due, an upcoming performance, a practice incentive program, needed supplies, a day your studio is closed etc. etc.?  Instead of spending your time doing this individually by phone calls or email (and wondering if anyone actually reads the email)… check this out!

The Remind 101 app (iPhone or Android) is not only free, it’s likely to cut your in-office time significantly!  You can text all of your students at once without them being able to see your personal cell number.  Create a group, have your students subscribe to the group and you’re set.

Your personal number is not displayed and those who receive the message can’t reply back thereby maintaining your privacy.  It’s built for teachers so it’s a completely safe and easy way to stay in touch en masse.  You can send a quick little reminder that is delivered instantly to your piano studio parents directly to their phone.  It doesn’t get much more convenient!

I’m excited to use this as yet another way to stay in touch with my piano families and keep them informed about studio happenings!

A Potential First Reminder 101 Text

Here’s a sample Remind 101 text… “It’s composing week at the studio starting Monday…don’t forget to bring your creativity!” What a nice little text to receive to get my piano kids (and their parents) excited about the coming week of lessons where we’ll be using The Curious Case of Muttzart and Ratmaninoff to teach beginning composing skills!

6 Responses to One Simple Bit of Tech May Be a Piano Teacher’s Best Friend!

  1. says

    Can I just say THANK YOU!!!! I have always wanted to do mass texts especially reminding parents that tuition grace period is coming to a close but I …. 1) didn’t want the other seeing each others info 2) I didn’t want them replying within the group (as others would get annoyed seeing a million reply’s back.

    This solves it! Whoohoo!

  2. Amy Kendall says

    I already do this, but with my regular cell phone #. I want my students to have my number. …it’s much easier to get in touch with me via my cell than any other way.


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