Piano students around the globe are practicing like never before, and until now nobody could
explain why. Here’s the truth…

Turn up your computer’s volume.

2015 Practice Book Title - 230

88 piano practice exercises that will exhilarate, motivate, and inspire piano students to practice every single day… with no hassle, no struggle, no prodding, and no bribing!

You need this book if your students:

  • go days (or even a week) without cracking their piano book.
  • are reluctant to perfect and polish their pieces.
  • battle with their parents daily over piano practice.
  • are prepping for exams, festivals, or competitions and need new ways to bring life to old pieces.
Check Out Some Samples

Left Leg Rockin’ Rhythm

Exercise Image 2

Everybody and their dog can clap a rhythm, so we want to know… can your students hop a rhythm? In this piano practice exercise we are going to help your students build some serious left leg strength as they hop the left hand rhythm of their practice piece.

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Let’s Get Dizzy

Practice Exercise Image 3

Playing piano requires intense mental focus that can only be learned through rigorous training. So, how do you train your students’ brains to play piano? By getting a little dizzy of course. Disclaimer: Practice at your own risk! We will not be held responsible if your piano students end up looking a little green.

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Calling Aunt Gladys

Practice Exercise 1 Image

Nobody likes to pick up the phone and hear the annoying voice of a telemarketer… but sweet piano sounds?… that might get some attention. In this piano practice exercise an impromptu performance by phone will definitely inspire your students to tickle the ivories.

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Check Out What Other Teachers Are Saying…

“I am thrilled with “Shhh.. Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice”! Finally something fun and exciting to keep my piano students interested! The kids are going to love all the crazy things they have/can do with the music we are working on. It is going to keep them excited and motivated, especially with the pieces we work on for a few weeks. I may just try a few of these myself!!”

Brittany Roque
Toledo, Ohio

“Not only are these exercises creative and fun, but they also encourage good and sound practicing techniques. I think that through doing these exercises students will not only have more fun with their practicing, but they will become better and more thoughtful practicers. This book is meant as a supplement to the student’s regular practicing. It is a perfect way to add a little excitement to the practice session. I really think this is a fantastic resource and cannot wait to use it with some of my students. As there are 88 daily exercises in the book, I can’t help but think what a wonderful summer practicing program this would make! I LOVE that when you purchase the book, you are granted the right to make unlimited copies for your private piano studio. What a great deal!”

Jenny Boster,
San Antonio, Texas

“I just bought the book Shhh…Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice and just quickly browsed through it before I have to leave for my board meeting this morning. How FUN is this?! What a creative idea, I love it! I’m looking forward to having my students use these daily practice activities!”

Jennifer Foxx,
Goodyear, Arizona

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And Now For The Best Part
  • You can print this puppy until your printer blows up… and beyond! Because it is available as an instantly downloadable eBook, when you purchase Shhhh… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice you also receive a license to print unlimited copies… forever (as long as they’re for use in your private studio with your personal students).
  • We guarantee this book will inspire your students to practice. In fact… if your students don’t start practicing more often and more efficiently immediately after using this book simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund!