How To Plan For a Year’s Worth of Piano Lessons (Part 1)

A Year of Piano Lessons

Planning for a year's worth of piano lessons can be a daunting task, so its no wonder that this is one of our most commonly asked questions. There is no “standard curriculum” for piano teachers to fol … Continue Reading →

How Much Time Should You Spend Planning Your Piano Students’ Home Practice?


If you’re like most piano teachers, you probably spend between 5 and 10 hours a week planning upcoming lessons. Experienced teachers know that simply “winging it” means a week of frustration for piano … Continue Reading →

The Boring-To-Brilliant Cheat Sheet – How To Pump Up The Excitement In Any Piano Piece


Let’s face it… some music is boring. Now what I find boring may be completely different from what you find boring… but the point is, everyone finds some music boring.And it’s no different for your youn … Continue Reading →

We’re Going To Help Plan Your Summer Piano Camp Or Lessons

Summer Resource Guide

We don’t generally do theme weeks here at but since teachers got a kick out of our summer fun post on Tuesday we just had to follow it up with an equally impressive summer resource … Continue Reading →

Chalk This Up As One Fun Summer Piano Game

Summer Piano Game

You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a movie theatre into a still-sunny day? Well, despite a sunny studio, I still get that “emerging from a chrysalis feeling” after a long day spent tea … Continue Reading →

Keep ‘em Coming Back For More – 7 Ways To Boost Re-registration Rates

Piano Reregistration Image

If, like us, you follow the public school schedule and take a bit of a summer break, then you are no doubt coming up on re-registration season; when parents decide if piano lessons will once again … Continue Reading →

How To Get Bigger Bows, Louder Voices, and Speed Control At Your Next Piano Recital

recital pet peeves

Let’s face it; piano recitals can be threatening. Very few six, seven, or eight year olds feel perfectly comfortable on stage in front of a crowd. So nobody’s surprised, that when their name is called … Continue Reading →

Is This Stopping You From Rapid Studio Growth?


Has it ever crossed your mind to walk into a PetSmart and ask for a haircut? What about asking to purchase 1/4 of a shrimp at your local grocery store? If these sound absurd… then I know I’m writing f … Continue Reading →