Why Takeru Kobayashi Is An Unlikely, But Extremely Helpful Piano Pedagogue

struggling piano students

Ever head of a man named Takeru Kobayashi? He is a visionary. He is a genius. He is a 128 pound, world-record hotdog eating champion. In 2001 he doubled the world record when he came out of nowhere … Continue Reading →

You Can Never Be Sure If Piano Practice Happened But You Can Do This


In the 1980’s Van Halen was one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Their hair was big, their stage show was bigger, and their ego was biggest of all. Or was it? Some people will tell you that V … Continue Reading →

Your Piano Students Will Never Want To Leave When You Are Using These

PianoGameClub - January Games2

Our goal in 2015 is to “wow” you with out-of-this-world piano teaching advice and never-before-seen piano teaching resources. So today we wanted to share with you two resources that are going out this … Continue Reading →

11 Strategies For Growing Your Piano Studio With “The Friend Factor”


Piano teachers try all sorts of things to grow their studios; they ask for referrals (this can be awkward for some), they advertise in newspapers or website directories (this is becoming less … Continue Reading →

Why Piano Teachers Should Hold Student-Led Interviews… Piano Style!


Last week a huge windstorm knocked out power in our part of the woods. Because of the lack of power, and an enormous tree that had fallen across the road, Parent-Teacher Interviews at Lexi’s school w … Continue Reading →

10 Things You Need To Know About TEDDtales


A little over a week ago, Andrea and I launched our newest resource, TEDDtales, to pre-release members, and today marks the official world-wide launch! If you’ve heard the chatter and want to learn m … Continue Reading →

How Thrift Store Junk Can Motivate Your Piano Students


In July of 2009 an experiment was conducted that did not have anything to do with piano teaching. But, as it turned out, the results have EVERYTHING to do with piano teaching. The Significant … Continue Reading →

How To Grow Your Studio With Your Personal Facebook Page


If you’re like many piano teachers, your personal Facebook page and your studio Facebook page are two very separate entities; studio news never shows up on your personal page, and personal news never s … Continue Reading →