Teaching Piano With Toilet Paper Rolls

5 Toilet Paper Piano Games

While tidying the girls washroom the other morning I discovered 23 toilet paper rolls tucked in the recesses of the sink cabinet. The good news: my girls change the toilet paper rolls. The bad news: … Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Recognize One Note – How To Read Notes On The Staff

Choosing a note reading method

It seems everyone has a theory on how best to teach piano students to recognize notes on the staff. Some teachers live and breathe mnemonics while other teachers loathe mnemonics. Some teachers drill … Continue Reading →

Why Being Everything To Every Student Is Not Easy… But Worth It


When Andrea and I were in Scotland we popped into the national museum to escape the rain and stumbled upon Dolly the cloned sheep. And while taxidermy’s not really our bag, it was still kind of cool t … Continue Reading →

A Runner’s Guide To The Perfect Piano Performance


These days when I head out for my daily run, I'm usually plodding off into the dark after tucking our girls into their very warm and very snuggly beds. These runs once earned a higher place in my … Continue Reading →

The Piano Ninja’s Guide To Rapid Studio Growth


When it comes to studio marketing, piano parents are your greatest ally. There is simply no better way to grow your studio than to have parents sing your praises to everyone they know. So, it just … Continue Reading →

Whoa! What Just Happened Here?


Today the TeachPianoToday.com makeover is complete! For the last two months Andrea and I have been working hard behind the scenes on a website redesign and we're thrilled with what has been … Continue Reading →

Tell Us Your Problems… I Mean… Tell Us Your Piano Problems


Several months ago we reached out to our readers to collect a list of their biggest piano pain points. We had a ton of submissions, almost all of which became inspiration for blog posts. So Today, … Continue Reading →

How Bach Can Help You Dig Out of the Snow


It's been a rough winter! Piano teachers have dealt with snow, ice rain, flooding and power outages. If you are one of the thousands of piano teachers looking at your list of cancelled lessons and … Continue Reading →