How 5 Feet Can Make All The Difference to Your Piano Students’ Technique

Improve Your Piano Students' Technique

I'm a lefty.  No, I'm not left-handed.  But I do sit on the left side of my piano students. Why? Because I've always done so. Likely because my piano teacher did so.  Likely because her neurotic dog ne … Continue Reading →

11 Strategies For Growing Your Piano Studio With “The Friend Factor”


Piano teachers try all sorts of things to grow their studios; they ask for referrals (this can be awkward for some), they advertise in newspapers or website directories (this is becoming less … Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Check for Understanding… The Piano Teacher’s Guide to “Getting It”

8 ways to check for understanding

Do your piano students actually understand what you've just told them? This is a big question to ask yourself. We give so much information in such a short period of time.  So much of what we say is … Continue Reading →

How You Can Help Us Serve Up The Perfect Piano Posts In 2015

Answering your piano teaching questions

We hit up our favourite pizza place today.  We'd just finished record shopping (a new record player for Christmas has turned us into the sort who flip through vinyls in teensy tiny record stores f … Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Piano Teaching Posts in 2014


We just about had a heart attack yesterday as we sifted through our piano teaching posts, whittling them down to the Top 5 Posts of 2014. Why the heart palpitations?… Because there are now 722 posts … Continue Reading →

5 Productive Piano Studio Projects You Can Accomplish In Your Pj’s

5 piano studio projects

The first few days after Christmas are always pretty lax. You may or may not have touched the stack of presents under the tree that are waiting to be put away, you may or may not have taken off your py … Continue Reading →

Ugly Christmas Sweater Meets Piano Practice

What piano teachers can learn from ugly christmas sweaters

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Train just won't slow down.  For years those red and green woolly monsters covered in scotty dogs and poinsettias were a source of sniggers.  But now, all the cool kids are r … Continue Reading →

What To Do When “For The love Of Music” Is Not Enough

Sharing the amazing benefits of music education

If it were up to me, every child would have access to music education; and more specifically piano education (this second aspect, of course, being completely self-serving). Unfortunately, there are … Continue Reading →