Stop the “Spinning Tires” with this Printable for your Piano Students’ Binders


When I first started teaching I had a student who would "get stuck".  Kayla would open her book at home, decide that something about her piece was too difficult and then spend the rest of the week "spi … Continue Reading →

Do Your Piano Students Experience “Login Frustration” During Your Lessons?


Like a good little computer user, I have different passwords for many of the different protected websites I access. Like a bad little computer user, I have, after forgetting one of these passwords, … Continue Reading →

Practicing Piano Students Wanted: A Wild West Themed Practice Incentive


Once the excitement of the new school year has faded, it's a great idea to start a studio-wide practice incentive to ramp up the enthusiasm. Last year we did the "Pump-Kin Up The Practice" incentive … Continue Reading →

An Egg-cellent Way to Practice Intervals – It’s Piano Game Time


What do you do when you're desperately trying to find a fun way to teach interval recognition and you just happen to have devoured a 12 egg omelette? If you're me… you use that now empty egg carton f … Continue Reading →

If You’re Like Me, You’ll Be Racing To Print This Out And Hang It On Your Studio Wall


My youngest child just started preschool.  And while I'm all of a sudden craving a 3rd baby (yipes!) I've been so enthralled watching her gain independence and knowledge. She's in a preschool that h … Continue Reading →

Here’s What Happens At Our House When You Pull Out The Mic and Plug In The Amp


As many of you already know, Andrea and I are the (very) proud parents of two wonderful girls, Lexi and Halle. While Halle still sports her pudgy toddler cheeks, I worry that Lexi has moved beyond … Continue Reading →

How To Deal With Difficult Situations Online And In Your Piano Studio


On Friday Trevor and I received a parcel in the mail from a Teach Piano Today reader. Inside the parcel were two beautiful jars of homemade honey. The honey was a thank you gift for helping a fellow … Continue Reading →

Yearly Piano Planning Series: Do You Forget This Final Step?


One of the most common questions we are asked by readers of the TeachPianoToday blog is "How should I be planning for lessons?" If you've been follow the previous posts in our "How To Plan For A Year … Continue Reading →