How To Teach Piano To An Overnight Success

Struggling Piano Student

Every weekday morning I take Lexi to school and spend the first 15 minutes of the day reading with her and her classmates. I love to start my day this way! It is very inspiring to watch young children … Continue Reading →

Why Being Everything To Every Student Is Not Easy… But Worth It


When Andrea and I were in Scotland we popped into the national museum to escape the rain and stumbled upon Dolly the cloned sheep. And while taxidermy’s not really our bag, it was still kind of cool t … Continue Reading →

Give People a Reason To “Like”, or better yet, Love Your Piano Studio


Do you have a studio Facebook page, but don't have many "likes"?  Do you have lots of "likes" but no idea what to post?  Do you not have a Facebook page at all?  If you answered "yes" to any of these q … Continue Reading →

A Runner’s Guide To The Perfect Piano Performance


These days when I head out for my daily run, I'm usually plodding off into the dark after tucking our girls into their very warm and very snuggly beds. These runs once earned a higher place in my … Continue Reading →

The Piano Teacher’s Secret Four Second Weapon


I've been experimenting with something in my teaching lately and I'm excited about the results.  It's my favorite kind of experiment because it requires absolutely nothing… literally. I want my st … Continue Reading →

13 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Let A Student Go

13 questions

I'm a big fan of pros and cons lists. They're very systematic and it helps me to take the emotion out of almost every decision and then look at it logically.  We are often asked questions surrounding … Continue Reading →

Today A Singing Nun Sent Me a Wonderful Reminder

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A singing nun is all the rage on youtube these days. Her performance on The Voice of Italy shocked and delighted the judges, the audience, and the viewing public… I mean, really, it’s not everyday we g … Continue Reading →

Help is Here for ‘Hammer Hands’ Henry


 "My student has one volume: loud.  On occasion he finds a mezzo forte, but it is rare.  My word for his technique is "hammer hands".  I do not think it's in his nature to play gently." For some stu … Continue Reading →