Is Sleep the Final Piece of the Perfect Practice Puzzle?


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5 Ways Beginning Piano Students Can Sound Better… Faster


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What a 7-Course New York City Dinner Taught Me About Teaching Piano To Kids

Variety in piano lessons

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How Four “Mistake-Busters” Can Turn Students Into Sight-Reading Superstars


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Why Teach Piano Today Readers Will Be Racing To Their Computers On Monday Morning

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Kick Flick: I Know You’ll Make Time For This Soccer-Themed Piano Game

piano games

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Ribbit Rhythms: An Action-Packed Piano Game You Can Print And Use This Afternoon

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If You Encourage Your Piano Parents To Do Just One Thing… Make It This


We expect all children to learn to read. It's just a given. So why is it then that we don't expect all children to be musical? This is a statement that drew me to Dr. Lisa Koops and her research and … Continue Reading →