Reinforcing Piano Theory Concepts With Micro Cars? Boo-Yeah (your boys will say)!

Piano Teaching Game Image

I'm always on the look-out for ways to keep my busy boys engaged during their piano lesson time... and when I pulled out this new game during their last week of lessons before the summer their eyes … Continue Reading →

Piano Technique Bootcamp: Permission to Fix Piano Fingering, Sir!

Fixing Piano Fingering Image

"Use your 2nd finger, find D, hold it for two beats while your left hand plays an F# for one beat.  Don't forget the pedal.  Make sure you're playing mezzo forte."   Piano students have a lot to th … Continue Reading →

Ten Things You Should Never Say to A Piano Teacher

After piano teaching, my second passion is photography, and I had a good laugh the other day when I saw a "Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer" on post Facebook.  And it got me … Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Piano Studio Wall of Fame?

Ideas for displaying piano student activities on your studio wall.

Are you looking to spruce up your studio waiting area over the summer?  It's time to get rid of those photographs of that same old red rose on a keyboard and make the walls of your piano studio both … Continue Reading →

Piano Technique Bootcamp – You Call That Legato, Lieutenant?!

Using Play Dough to Teach Legato Playing

It's time for our next blog post in our Piano Technique Bootcamp series!  I hope you've all been having fun with the exercises to loosen the wrists of your piano students from the post last week. … Continue Reading →

Thank You For Giving Me Music – A Tribute To My Grandma

My Grandma holding my first born daughter.

Yesterday, my Grandma passed away after 93 years of what I can truly call a full and rich life.  I was fortunate to be there in her final moments.  And I was so fortunate to be able to say everything I … Continue Reading →

Proud Parent Moments… And Why They Matter to Your Piano Studio

I spent a lot of time at piano recitals this weekend.  A LOT of time.  And as I watched the performers, both young and old, I realized that I enjoy watching the parents of the students on stage more t … Continue Reading →

Bigfoot, Ogopogo and Summer Piano Practicing… Which is Real?

How to encourage piano students to practice in the summer.

Does summer piano practice even exist?  Do your students continue to practice their piano every single day during the summer months or do they drag a musty smelling piano bag into their first lesson … Continue Reading →