How to Teach Piano to Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

Do you have a lion in your piano studio? Or a tiger? Or a bear? I'm betting you do!  Lions, Tigers and Bears is a kind way of describing the head-strong, defiant, challenging, stubborn, disrespectful, … Continue Reading →

Are Your Intermediate Piano Students Feeling My Frustration?

We're in the final stages of building our own home.  Which means I've spent most evenings this past week from 8:00-11:30 painting doors.  I'd rather not be doing this. It was somewhere around 10:45 l … Continue Reading →

Who’s The Boss? Apparently… My 6 Year Old Piano Student!

I adore my little 6 year old piano student who comes at 4:30 on Wednesdays ... but I got almost no sleep last night.  I wasn't quite myself, but had her lesson planned to the minute today - she's away … Continue Reading →

Teaching Your Own Children to Play The Piano… Nightmare or Dream Come True?

I dreamed of teaching my children to play the piano ever since I dreamed of having children.  In my fantasy my little one would climb up on my lap and gaze at me with adoring eyes "Mommy... please … Continue Reading →

Excellent! Way to Go! You’re Amazing! … How Much is Too Much?

Trevor and his family ran in a 20K trail race relay on the weekend.  480 runners of all ages showed up to slog through the mud and arrive at the finish line completely drenched... and foaming at the … Continue Reading →

Be Your Piano Students’ ‘Piece of Chalk’

This video caught my eye while surfing the internet yesterday.  The name of the video intrigued me... "With a Piece of Chalk".  You can watch it below. And after watching the video it was all I c … Continue Reading →

Shrink Your Studio Problems With Our Prescribed Duet Diet

I LOVE infomercials. My latest "gotta have" is the Scrub Daddy Sponge... have you seen this thing!? Santa better bring me one. I'm one of those people who can't help but get sucked into the hype. But … Continue Reading →

A Simple Question That Can Make a World of Difference to Your Piano Student

There's one question that I've been forgetting to ask my piano students lately.  But I started asking it this week and it's made a world of difference. I realized that I spent a lot of my time … Continue Reading →