Create Piano Buddies.. and Watch Your Retention Rates Soar!

Piano Buddies Image

I'm always on the look-out for ways to strengthen the sense of community at my piano teaching studio - doing so is a sure-fire way to increase retention and word-of-mouth advertising.  Starting next … Continue Reading →

Fix Your Piano Students’ Broken Baroque With A Touch Of Cool

Many piano students have a real feeling of  "Blah towards Baroque".  As a result, these pieces are often neglected during practice, and the technique required to play Baroque music suffers.  As pi … Continue Reading →

How a Bad Day Can Be Erased With a Single Note

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was grouchy and so were my children. My telephone installing man took 4 hours while I waited in the most un-child-proofed environment you could imagine.  My … Continue Reading →

This 5 Year Old’s Got Mad Chops, But What Really Impresses Me…

Check out the unbelievable piano playing in the video below, then read on to see if our reactions are on the same page.  So... What did you think? Impressed?  For the last little while in internet … Continue Reading →

Did I Seriously Just Say That?!

Record piano lesson image

I decided to record myself while I taught piano lessons the other day. The thought of doing so made me cringe a bit (no one likes the sound of their own voice... well, except the wedding officiant I … Continue Reading →

Seven Things Every Piano Teacher Should Do At Least Once

My Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List?  I do. In fact, people find mine annoying because I add to it constantly... like every day. I plan on living a long life, so I figure why not! I recently checked one major t … Continue Reading →

A Piano Teacher Took A Walk Through The Deep Dark Woods…

The Gruffalo Book

Have you ever read Julia Donaldson’s book, The Gruffalo? I have. In fact, I read it almost every night for a year. Every once in a while I managed to sneak in Officer Buckle and Gloria or The Paper B … Continue Reading →

The Sight Reading Secret: How To Teach Piano Students to Sight Read FAST!

For many piano students, sight reading is their Achilles heel.  I've sat through many festival classes where talented piano students would play their pieces like nobody's business... and then fumble mi … Continue Reading →