From Solo to Splendid… Incorporating Family Into Home Piano Practice

Let's get rid of the days when piano practice takes place in a solitary fashion... because one of the biggest motivators for your young piano students to practice is taking away the "loneliness … Continue Reading →

Christmas Piano Recital Tips From a Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man

Did I really just start a post about Christmas when it's only October 24?  Yes I did.  And yes, I also just bought Christmas wrapping paper on sale at Wal-Mart today.  The big day is just two months aw … Continue Reading →

OK… So Why Is There a Hippo In My Piano Studio?

Hippopotamus - Hippopotamus amphibius ( 30 years)

If there is one thing I hate to see it's the look of discouragement on a young child's face.  Some kids show this outwardly - their shoulders slump, their legs start to swing, their faces fall.  Some k … Continue Reading →

7 Tips For Piano Teachers Who Have Never Heard of Pink Floyd or Pet Rocks

For the piano teaching industry to thrive, we desperately need our young piano teachers to survive. It is a challenging profession for teachers of any age, but for new teachers it can be downright … Continue Reading →

Piano Method Books Vs. “Real Life”: Saying Goodbye to Dick and Jane… and their Rowboat.

Piano students working out of method books are fairly easy to teach.  They arrive with ready-made materials, the concept they should be learning next is laid out with accompanying exercises, and … Continue Reading →

Piano Teachers and Life Balance… Can it be Done?

I received this question in my inbox the other day: What are some options for transitioning from an afternoon-evening piano teacher to a daytime piano teacher? Now that my son has started preschool, I … Continue Reading →

Searching For Sugar Maples: The Truth About Finding Piano Students

Pancakes Image

Did you know that a sugar maple tree must be 50 years old before its sap can be safely harvested for maple syrup? I did. Yup... I knew that because I toured a sugar maple farm on a recent vacation. … Continue Reading →

Thinking About Throwing Your Theory Books In the Trash?…

Don't! That's just silly... they actually belong in the recycling bin. It's amazing how quickly a piano lesson can fly by.  You have just a few brief moments of your students' week and often it feels … Continue Reading →