“Sorry Officer, The Classical Music Made Me Do It”

Speeding Ticket Image

If you’re a piano teacher and you rack up more traffic violations than your teenage son, new research suggests (at least this is what I choose to infer) that it just might not be your fault! Follow … Continue Reading →

How a Cup Of Joe Got This Piano Teacher Punched Out!

Piano Coffee Image

I've spent years writing out detailed notes in my students' binders and I've always had the sneaking suspicion that no one reads them.  Not the students.  Not the parents. And how effective are t … Continue Reading →

How To Teach Rubato To Mr. Roboto

Rubato For Mr. Roboto

  Teaching young piano students the concept of rubato can sometimes feel like teaching a wrestler to ballroom dance.   But... Dancing with the Stars does it... and so can you!  With a few tricks … Continue Reading →

This Year, Nobody Enters My Studio Without The Super-Secret Piano Password

Piano Password Image

Newsflash… learning "piano lingo" is boring. And teaching piano lingo is even worse! So this year, we’ve decided to jazz up an otherwise “fork-in-the-eye” process... The Super Secret Piano Passwor … Continue Reading →

5 New Years Resolutions for Piano Teachers

5 New Years Resolutions for Piano Teachers

Happy New Years Eve everyone!  As you're donning your party gear (or your sweat pants) and preparing for a night on the town (or on your couch) are your thoughts turning to the coming year? I've … Continue Reading →

And The Funniest Gift Was…

Thank you to everyone who submitted their most bizarre piano teacher gifts they had ever received to our contest on Thursday.  We so enjoyed reading your comments! There were just too many funny and … Continue Reading →

Follow-Up To FaceBook Funnies… And A Giveaway!

Little boy in Santa's hat with gift box

What is the most bizarre/humorous Christmas gift you have ever received from a piano student? I asked a similar question to our facebook followers a couple of days ago. I was not expecting the … Continue Reading →

Removing Barriers For New Piano Students; What We Can Learn From The Big Box Stores…


When it's close to Christmas that means shopping (unfortunately...not yet for me... yikes!) and at this time of year we can more often than not be found in our local land of Big Box Stores. If you … Continue Reading →