Removing Barriers For New Piano Students; What We Can Learn From The Big Box Stores…


When it's close to Christmas that means shopping (unfortunately...not yet for me... yikes!) and at this time of year we can more often than not be found in our local land of Big Box Stores. If you … Continue Reading →

Are You A Hoarder… Of The Piano Teaching Variety?

I hate clutter. Which is why Chrtistmas stresses me out. My otherwise “minimalist” house becomes a haven for snowmen, candles, mistletoe, and other paraphanelia to fill up flat surfaces. When things a … Continue Reading →

And Still They Show Up: When Piano Teaching Awesomeness Backfires

I'm one relaxed lady at the moment.  And I just finished an entire bag of caramel popcorn. Don't judge. Why am I relaxed?  Well, sugar has always made me feel wonderful... but it is actually to do wi … Continue Reading →

A Piano Teacher’s Guide To Super-Fan Stardom

Growing up, my piano teacher was a bit of a legend. If you got an “entrance interview” with her, you were the talk-of-the-town. She had, for lack of a better term, a cult following; an army of Sup … Continue Reading →

Making Music With Garbage… Proof That Music Is Necessity, Not Luxury

The next time someone wavers in their commitment to including music in the lives of their children you should show them this video.  It is one of the most amazing and inspiring things I have ever seen … Continue Reading →

Why We Think You’re All…Just Great!

Did you know that research from the US has shown that a "great teacher" can be predicted before they even enter a teaching situation? They go on to state that it is the quality of the teacher that is … Continue Reading →

I’m Betting Your Piano Students Have Never Heard of These…

I came across a great article today called "11 Sounds Your Children Have Never Heard"; a summation of 11 sounds that have all but become extinct.  Check out the list below.  I'm betting you'll agree t … Continue Reading →

He Said, She Said, And What Zig Would Say – Keeping Piano Students Positive

Let’s not kid ourselves… the piano is NOT an easy instrument to learn. It can chew up and spit out even the most motivated adult student... so imagine how it can sometimes make our youngest musicians f … Continue Reading →