What’s Your Piano Love Story?

What was your first piano love?  An old relic from a church basement?  A family heirloom?  An organ?  A keyboard?  A beautiful baby grand? I learned to play on my Grandma's piano.  She gifted it to me … Continue Reading →

How to Teach Piano To Play-By-Ear Paul

Young man with laptop and headphones

How would you approach this new student? 11 year old boy (6th grade)self taughtstrong earcan pick out favorite tunes & chordsno musical trainingkeyboard at homeinterested in composing & … Continue Reading →

Look Out QVC… Piano Students are Learning to Sell!

Our Facebook community is amazing. There are over 2200 fans on the Teach Piano Today Facebook page and the interaction, sharing and sense of community is something that I look forward to each day. My … Continue Reading →

Why I’m About to Abolish Check Marks… For Good!

When I was a piano student, a check mark was as good as a sticker.  Stickers were reserved for extra special occasions... because back then (yipes!) stickers were expensive!  I worked really hard on m … Continue Reading →

“I Didn’t Practice… But I Just Know It”

I recently started teaching piano lessons to a transfer student.  She's 6, she has pigtails, and she is the most honest child I've ever met. Me:  "How did your practising go this week?" Anna:  "I re … Continue Reading →

Learn To Give Up – Playing Piano Like A Cheetah

cheetah image

Cheetahs are quitters. They have to be. Their survival depends on it. But cheetahs don’t take quitting lightly. Their hunting actions are very calculated. Once they commit to a kill, they give t … Continue Reading →

The Dog Ate My Piano Book… Excuses and Your Piano Students

Jack Russell Terrier

I received this email in my inbox this weekend: I have a student who told me she has double vision and can't read the music.  I asked her if her mom was planning a trip to the eye doctor to which she … Continue Reading →

Apparently… Nobody Likes To Teach Piano To a Nose Picker

So there's a blog post title I never imagined writing! But it's true... according to our "very scientific survey", 100% of respondents (and there were literally hundreds of respondents!) preferred to … Continue Reading →