The Epic Piano Studio Journey… What Will Be Yours?


I'm reading a fascinating book right now called "Walking the Gobi" by Helen Thayer.  To sum it up, the author (age 63) and her husband, Bill, (age 74) set off to walk across the Gobi desert with … Continue Reading →

How to Become the Perfect Piano Parent – The Teach Piano Today Podcast


If there was ever a TeachPianoToday podcast that you should share... it's this one.  Today we're speaking with the brilliant Dr. Christopher Fisher, Associate Professor of piano at Ohio University, … Continue Reading →

Keep ‘em Coming Back For More – 7 Ways To Boost Re-registration Rates

Piano Reregistration Image

If, like us, you follow the public school schedule and take a bit of a summer break, then you are no doubt coming up on re-registration season; when parents decide if piano lessons will once again … Continue Reading →

A Traveling Piano Teacher’s Guide to Hanging Up The Car Keys


As many of you know, I started out as a "Piano Teacher On Wheels".  I held lessons in my students' homes every Saturday and drove back and forth all over the valley where I live. In rain, snow and … Continue Reading →

We Have An E-FISH-ent Piano Practice Incentive Just For You!


We completed a studio-wide practice incentive in March at our studio and are excited to share it with you today!  This practice incentive focuses on helping your piano students to develop efficient … Continue Reading →

How To Get Bigger Bows, Louder Voices, and Speed Control At Your Next Piano Recital

recital pet peeves

Let’s face it; piano recitals can be threatening. Very few six, seven, or eight year olds feel perfectly comfortable on stage in front of a crowd. So nobody’s surprised, that when their name is called … Continue Reading →

Is This Stopping You From Rapid Studio Growth?


Has it ever crossed your mind to walk into a PetSmart and ask for a haircut? What about asking to purchase 1/4 of a shrimp at your local grocery store? If these sound absurd… then I know I’m writing f … Continue Reading →

Sly As A Fox – A Fun Piano Printable To Improve Bass Clef Note Reading


Have you been sitting at your computer thinking… "Hmmm… Teach Piano Today hasn't given away a free game lately!"?  If so, then you'll be happy you opened your email today! Yes, we've been busy with th … Continue Reading →