4 Exciting Reasons Piano Teachers Will Love Fridays in February


There are many reasons to love Fridays, and we’re about to give you 4 more! Every Friday in February we are going to be giving away (to everyone!) exciting supplementary repertoire for piano students. … Continue Reading →

Teaching Piano To Adult Students With a Good Dose of “Wow!”

adult piano image

Before I taught my first adult piano lesson I thought I might pass out. I was so nervous. She was old enough to be my mom.  I was young enough to think that it mattered.   What if she didn't like w … Continue Reading →

How to Teach Piano to Breeze Ahead Brittany

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Have you taught a student like this before?:  Breeze Ahead Brittany sails through the first 25 pages of her primer level book.  She begs for more songs each week... "I can do five!  Puhleeeze can I do … Continue Reading →

How Popcorn Can Improve Your Piano Students’ Sight Reading

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Kindergarten and Grade 1 children spend a lot of time learning what are called "sight words"; words that they can look at and recognize immediately without having to employ any sort of reading … Continue Reading →

A Crazy Critter Composing Printable to Inspire your Piano Kids


Finding inspiration can be a challenging task for a composer. Many draw on painful life experiences, challenging childhoods or failed relationships to inspire their next big hit. But that sounds dark … Continue Reading →

37 Things This Piano Teacher Will Never Do Again

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It's time to learn from my mistakes!  And believe me... I've made many.  In the almost 15 years I've spent running a very large music studio I've had my share of time to both triumph... and not.  So, i … Continue Reading →

How New Teachers Can Grow Their Piano Studios… Fast

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When restaurateurs open up a new food joint in town, what’s the first thing they do? Give away food! People will stand in line for the better part of a day to sink their teeth into a free hamburger, s … Continue Reading →

Why You Won’t Hear This Piano Teacher Complain… Even on Blue Monday.


If you're not feeling quite yourself today you aren't alone.  Because today is the the most depressing day of the year (actually, there's some disagreement about the actual date but that's another … Continue Reading →