16 Amazing Summer Piano Projects … That Will Take YOU Less Than 5 Minutes to Plan


One of the key factors in ensuring the success of your piano studio is in having invested piano students.  And the best way to have invested piano students is to have involved piano parents.  So when t … Continue Reading →

Head To The Beach With This Piano Teaching Game!


Is it feeling like summer where you live?  It certainly is here!  And so today we're sharing a beach-themed piano teaching game to keep your kiddos motivated and excited about their lessons through the … Continue Reading →

The Boring-To-Brilliant Cheat Sheet – How To Pump Up The Excitement In Any Piano Piece


Let’s face it… some music is boring. Now what I find boring may be completely different from what you find boring… but the point is, everyone finds some music boring.And it’s no different for your youn … Continue Reading →

Why My Next Piano Recital May Include Hot Dogs, Foam Fingers and “The Wave”

How piano parents can become piano fans

Our daughter Lexi plays Field Hockey.  It's her first year, but she's really taken with the game. And, at the risk of sounding like one of those parents… she's really, really good. We stand behind tha … Continue Reading →

Beyond Teaching and Performing; Inspire Your Piano Students With The World Of Collaborative Piano


Today on the TeachPianoToday podcast we're chatting with Dr. Christopher Foley; an expert in the area of collaborative piano.For those of you who just thought "What is a collaborative piano?" you're … Continue Reading →

Why My Students Are Going To Start Cleaning The Piano Studio

Twelve years ago Trevor and I went to San Francisco. I have no idea why we haven’t been back since because it was one of the coolest cities we have visited. We, of course, hit up all of the major a … Continue Reading →

Even My Perfect Piano Students Need These 7 Focus-Enhancing Activities


It's pretty hard to keep Trevor and I entertained. We are not the type to spend the day at home puttering. On the weekends, our house acts as a place to pack a lunch and then crash into bed at night. … Continue Reading →

When It Comes To Teaching Piano… This Makes All The Difference

Piano Teaching Purpose

It frustrates me when a student forgets a cheque, or misses a cheque… or bounces a cheque. It frustrates me when a student forgets a lesson, or misses a lesson… or asks for a make-up lesson. And it fru … Continue Reading →