Watch As My Dad Gives His First Performance On The First Day He Ever Struck A Piano Key

May's Piano Book of the Month

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Shout This From The Kitchen and Help Your Child Practice Better


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What Is The Opposite Of A Good Piano Lesson?… Not What You Think


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Are You Asking Your Teen Piano Students These 3 Questions?


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Does Your Piano Studio Look Like A Soviet-Era Apartment Block?

The Importance of Color in your Piano Studio

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If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em – The Piano Teacher’s Guide To Playing Nice With Sports

Sports vs Piano Lessons

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5 Things Parents Should Know After Every Piano Lesson… #3 Is Too Often Forgotten


I'm on a one-woman mission to get my piano parents more involved in the lesson process. Too many times my piano kids just charge out the door to a parent waiting in the car.  Sure it's easy this way, … Continue Reading →

My Piano Students Call Me Andrea… But Should They?


When I was little I called all of my friends parents Mr. Friends-Dad or Mrs. Friends-Mom.  Calling them by anything other than that was completely out of the question. Now, even as an adult, when I … Continue Reading →