If You Find Piano Theory Dry, Just Add Milk

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This has been a particularly busy week for us.  In fact, I have yet to sit down in about 48 hours (we have a stand-up computer desk).  This means that our household tasks have fallen slightly by the w … Continue Reading →

Challenge Your Piano Students To A Dynamic Duel… A Free Printable Game!

Dynamic Piano Game

Today we wanted to share with you a piano teaching game that reinforces your piano students' understanding of dynamics while also encouraging them to revisit past piano pieces. The game will pit you … Continue Reading →

4 Fun Games For Teaching “Dual Vision” to Piano Kids


I have one little piano student who gets extremely frustrated.  Her eyes are glued to her page - desperate to not miss a single detail.  Then her hands accidentally migrate up a step or two and the r … Continue Reading →

The 5 Step Process to Dealing with Stubborn Piano Students

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I have always dreamed of owning a dog that would become my running companion; a happy tail-wagging friend that would trot happily by my side. A Goldendoodle seemed like the perfect fit… a medium sized … Continue Reading →

This Piano Teacher Makes Friends With Doritos

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"So sorry to bother you... can you remind me of the piano book fee for Emily please?" This email came through as I sat at my computer last night.  I had two choices in how I answered. 1)  Karen - the … Continue Reading →

Let’s Learn About Teenage Piano Students… Using Rectangles

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If you have a piano studio full of teenagers I would bet dollars to dimes that you are one heck of a teacher! Young piano students can be difficult to manage but easy to please. On the flip side, … Continue Reading →

A Printable Piano Card Game – Into the New Year With Intervals

Piano Interval Card Game Image

If your New Years resolution was to bring more fun and games to your piano teaching table then we have a great printable to share with you today! Into the New Year With Intervals is a simple piano … Continue Reading →

How To Stop Your Piano Student From Getting Lost in the Forest

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I have 4832 pictures stored on my computer.  It's simply ridiculous, so I decided that I would start putting them into photo books.   And then my perfectionism reared it's ugly head.  I spent hours so … Continue Reading →