Chatting Contemporary Music With the One and Only Christopher Norton


If you teach piano, it's likely you teach Christopher Norton's music on almost a daily basis. His name is synonymous with "The composer who creates the music my students always love." To say … Continue Reading →

I Cringe If My Students Don’t Know These 3 Things


I'll never forget the time I accepted a transfer student who had moved to my area.  She arrived with the books she had been using previously as well as all of her old lesson notes.  I scanned through t … Continue Reading →

“That Looks Too Scary”… The Importance of Visually Different Music for Piano Students

Visually Varied

How often do you break free from your method book?  How often do your piano students have the opportunity to play from sheet music that looks visually "different"?  If you're mostly supplementing from … Continue Reading →

The Huge Practice Mistake That Thousands of Piano Students Are Making


How were you taught to learn something new, or to fix a mistake when you were a piano student? Your answer is likely "Drill it.  Over and over and over and over." Do you still force yourself to sit do … Continue Reading →

Check Out A Piano Teacher’s Cure For The Long Weekend Blues


If you’re like Trevor and I, you’ve probably spent every day after Easter looking forward to the May Long Weekend. While it’s not quite summer, the May Long Weekend means it’s time to break out flip fl … Continue Reading →

We’re Going To Help Plan Your Summer Piano Camp Or Lessons

Summer Resource Guide

We don’t generally do theme weeks here at but since teachers got a kick out of our summer fun post on Tuesday we just had to follow it up with an equally impressive summer resource … Continue Reading →

How To Teach Your Piano Students To Improvise… With Bradley Sowash


When I was in my 3rd year of University someone ran up to me in the hallway, breathless: "You're a piano player, yes?".  Uh huh.  "My keyboard guy just quit my band and we have a gig tonight. Can you f … Continue Reading →

Chalk This Up As One Fun Summer Piano Game

Summer Piano Game

You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a movie theatre into a still-sunny day? Well, despite a sunny studio, I still get that “emerging from a chrysalis feeling” after a long day spent tea … Continue Reading →