How You Can Recreate My Fondest Piano Lesson Memory With This “Save Santa” Composing Activity


What is one of my fondest holiday memories as a piano student? The lesson immediately following the Christmas recital! I can only describe the feeling as a huge sigh of relief. Up until that point I … Continue Reading →

A Trash To Treasure Composing Activity! Have Fun and Clean Out Your Junk Drawer…


I'm going to bare my soul and share the most embarrassing part of my entire house. I have a junk drawer.  And it contains a frustrating jam-the-drawer-shut collection of everything from hair elastics … Continue Reading →

Want To Easily Include Composing In Every Lesson? Here’s How…

How often do you compose with your piano students? Every week? Every other week? Once a month?… (gasp!) once a year? If your response bends towards the latter, today I’m going to show you how to com … Continue Reading →

A Crazy Critter Composing Printable to Inspire your Piano Kids


Finding inspiration can be a challenging task for a composer. Many draw on painful life experiences, challenging childhoods or failed relationships to inspire their next big hit. But that sounds dark … Continue Reading →

God Rest Ye Merry Hummingbirds… Composing Fun With Christmas Tunes

composing fun image

If you like to include composing and improvisation in your piano lessons... or, if you've always wanted to but just haven't started, then the Christmas season is the perfect time to begin! Putting a … Continue Reading →

5 Piano Student Illnesses That Can Be Cured With Composing

Composing Cure Image

'Tis the season for hacking coughs, runny noses, and pink eye. And while we’d love to offer every piano teacher a cure for what ails ‘em, the piano student illnesses we hope to cure with composing are … Continue Reading →

How To Help Your Students Make Friends With Music


I think we can all agree that learning piano is far superior to any other activity available to children :).  But everything has an Achilles heel, and when it comes to the piano lessons, lack of … Continue Reading →

How I Use Composing To Fix Flat Fingers, Falling Wrists, Lack of Legato and More

Brilliant Idea Standing Out From The Crowd

Most piano students struggle with similar issues - problems with hand position, issues with playing legato, falling wrists... most piano teachers encounter these and more with our piano students on … Continue Reading →