The Dieter’s Guide to Piano Practice

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I run every single day of my life… no exceptions. And while I’d like to say it’s for the joy of running, to be honest, it’s more about the joy of eating. Running every day means I can eat whatever I wa … Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Piano Lesson Notes Get Noticed

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For 30 minutes (maybe 45) each week, the piano education of your students rests firmly in your capable hands. After that, you must put your faith in your students’ memory and your written notes to c … Continue Reading →

21 Days To Consistent Piano Practice


Your new piano student arrives for the first time like a ball of passionate energy. Big smiles and keen interest give all indications that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! And then … Continue Reading →

We’re ‘Pump-kin’ Up the Piano Practice with a New Studio Incentive

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Our studio is looking very festive this week! October 1st marked the start of our Pump-kin up the Practice incentive program and we launched with an explosion of everything orange! Our piano kids were … Continue Reading →

6 Clever “Piano Practice Nudges” to up the Practice Hours in your Studio

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What happens at home once your piano student leaves your studio?  Do they practice diligently every day?  Do they remember 3 days post-lesson that they haven't retrieved their books from the car?  Do t … Continue Reading →

Why Daily Piano Practice Can Be A Waste of Time

We all know how to teach piano.  But do you know how to teach your piano students to practice? If you're finding yourself stuck in the never-ending cycle of simply relying on practice minutes per day … Continue Reading →

Leave the Piano Practice Reminders to Boxthoven…A Fun New Printable!

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Do your piano students forget to practice the piano? Maybe they do... but many don't. Many are simply sooooooo busy with ballet, soccer, school, dinner, playdates, carpooling, homework... that finding … Continue Reading →

A Sure-Fire Way to Get Parents Truly Involved in Piano Practice

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I wish I had the time to do a study; it would be titled "The Effectiveness of Piano Practice as Determined by Physical Piano Placement and Parental Involvement."  Although I'm not feeling too guilty … Continue Reading →