Why Being Everything To Every Student Is Not Easy… But Worth It


When Andrea and I were in Scotland we popped into the national museum to escape the rain and stumbled upon Dolly the cloned sheep. And while taxidermy’s not really our bag, it was still kind of cool t … Continue Reading →

The Piano Teacher’s Secret Four Second Weapon


I've been experimenting with something in my teaching lately and I'm excited about the results.  It's my favorite kind of experiment because it requires absolutely nothing… literally. I want my st … Continue Reading →

13 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Let A Student Go

13 questions

I'm a big fan of pros and cons lists. They're very systematic and it helps me to take the emotion out of almost every decision and then look at it logically.  We are often asked questions surrounding … Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Delinquent Piano Parent


Gulp. I have a confession to make. I live and breathe piano education... but my own daughter has her piano lesson on Thursdays... and her books didn't emerge from her piano bag until Monday. Do I … Continue Reading →

Who Is The Piano Student That Worries Me The Most?

worries me

Students who struggle despite their best efforts break my heart. If you happen to feel the same way about your stoic strugglers, then I have a quick little strategy to share that will make you feel … Continue Reading →

A Simple Solution That May Get Rid of “No-Practice” Weeks


I hate car seats. If it weren't for the inevitable massive clouds of black smoke, I would seriously consider hosting a seat-burning party when our girls finally graduate to car seat freedom. Yesterday … Continue Reading →

Teaching Piano To Adult Students With a Good Dose of “Wow!”

adult piano image

Before I taught my first adult piano lesson I thought I might pass out. I was so nervous. She was old enough to be my mom.  I was young enough to think that it mattered.   What if she didn't like w … Continue Reading →

The Top 3 Piano Student Crutches… and How To Get Rid of Them

piano student crutches image

I taught a transfer student recently who was an absolute delight.  She also happened to arrive with a piano book full of pieces with every single note either numbered or named. Every.  Single. N … Continue Reading →