How To Make Piano Lessons a Safe Haven For Troubled Students


Our youngest daughter turned three in October. At this stage, many parents would be relieved that they made it though the “terrible twos”. But truth be told, we didn’t feel relief because Halle was a l … Continue Reading →

How To Read Your Piano Student’s Mind And Avoid A Disastrous Lesson


At the start of every piano lesson I carefully observe my piano students as they begin their warm-ups. I feel much like Jane Goodall studying chimpanzees; engaging with her subjects all the while … Continue Reading →

The One Question You Should Ask Before Breaking Out The iPad Piano Apps


Last week Trevor and I took the girls on a mini-vacation… part of which involved a beautiful ferry ride through the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Given that we both spend a good amount of our w … Continue Reading →

Have You Been Waiting Too Long For A Fun And Fresh Approach To Technical Exercises?


Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to sign up (at the bottom of this page) for the Pre-Release List and get 25% off our newest resource, TEDDtales: Technical Exercises, Dramatically … Continue Reading →

How To Control The “Trickle Down Effect” in your Piano Studio


Recently, I completely changed the way I eat. Through a program designed to discover food sensitivities I rapidly realized that everything I ate had some sort of "trickle down effect" into almost e … Continue Reading →

Why My Next Piano Recital May Include Hot Dogs, Foam Fingers and “The Wave”

How piano parents can become piano fans

Our daughter Lexi plays Field Hockey.  It's her first year, but she's really taken with the game. And, at the risk of sounding like one of those parents… she's really, really good. We stand behind tha … Continue Reading →

Are You Asking Your Teen Piano Students These 3 Questions?


I have a teen piano student who is literally flying through everything I give her.  She started off in September a bit nonchalant... okay a LOT nonchalant.  I could hardly get anything from her both i … Continue Reading →

Why Being Everything To Every Student Is Not Easy… But Worth It


When Andrea and I were in Scotland we popped into the national museum to escape the rain and stumbled upon Dolly the cloned sheep. And while taxidermy’s not really our bag, it was still kind of cool t … Continue Reading →