7 Different Ways To Use Duets… All In One Piano Lesson


Recently, I challenged myself to use duets for everything me and my piano students did together in one lesson. Why? Because duets are one of the most important and motivating tools we piano teachers … Continue Reading →

How I Will Improve My Piano Teaching Next Year

Untitled design

The summer sun has arrived... and that means it's camping time. Well, actually, that means it's time to drag out the tent and see if it has provided shelter for mold this winter. I'm not going to … Continue Reading →

Why My Students Are Going To Start Cleaning The Piano Studio

Twelve years ago Trevor and I went to San Francisco. I have no idea why we haven’t been back since because it was one of the coolest cities we have visited. We, of course, hit up all of the major a … Continue Reading →

I Cringe If My Students Don’t Know These 3 Things


I'll never forget the time I accepted a transfer student who had moved to my area.  She arrived with the books she had been using previously as well as all of her old lesson notes.  I scanned through t … Continue Reading →

“That Looks Too Scary”… The Importance of Visually Different Music for Piano Students

Visually Varied

How often do you break free from your method book?  How often do your piano students have the opportunity to play from sheet music that looks visually "different"?  If you're mostly supplementing from … Continue Reading →

Watch As My Dad Gives His First Performance On The First Day He Ever Struck A Piano Key

May's Piano Book of the Month

Andrea and I get emails regularly from Teach Piano Today readers wondering when we find time to sleep and how we manage to keep up with everything we’ve got going on. Our answer is usually that we d … Continue Reading →

When This Piano Teacher Needs a Vacation… Here’s What I Do!

Need a Vacation-

The sun was streaming in the windows of my studio last week and everything was nice and warm and daffo-dilly outside.  I took one look at my piano student and knew he wanted to be outside just as much … Continue Reading →

The Piano Teacher’s Cheat Sheet To Teaching a New Piece


"How do you teach a brand new piece of music to a student?" We get this question from piano teachers a lot.  Usually padded with embarrassment, bursts of honesty and explanations of how just coping … Continue Reading →