When This Piano Teacher Needs a Vacation… Here’s What I Do!

Need a Vacation-

The sun was streaming in the windows of my studio last week and everything was nice and warm and daffo-dilly outside.  I took one look at my piano student and knew he wanted to be outside just as much … Continue Reading →

The Piano Teacher’s Cheat Sheet To Teaching a New Piece


"How do you teach a brand new piece of music to a student?" We get this question from piano teachers a lot.  Usually padded with embarrassment, bursts of honesty and explanations of how just coping … Continue Reading →

A Printable To Inject Some Fun Into Your Piano Lesson Notes

Piano lesson notes done different

If getting piano students to read your lesson notes is like pulling teeth, over the next month we’ll be sharing a few printables that might just make this challenge a whole lot easier! The Problem W … Continue Reading →

5 Piano Piece Details That Students Shouldn’t Overlook


So you've got starting position covered, key signature, time signature, accidentals, tempo, articulation, dynamics, fingering... expression...whew! ... completing a piano piece is a lot of work! … Continue Reading →

How To Stop Your Piano Student From Getting Lost in the Forest

rescue piano student image

I have 4832 pictures stored on my computer.  It's simply ridiculous, so I decided that I would start putting them into photo books.   And then my perfectionism reared it's ugly head.  I spent hours so … Continue Reading →

The Sneaky and Controlling Piano Teacher’s Guide To New Year’s Resolutions

piano student goals image

Does it make me a controlling person if I choose my piano students' New Year's resolutions? Yes? Darn! Does it make me a controlling person if I let my students select from 3 pre-determined … Continue Reading →

Beginning Piano Students Need A Sidekick! Here’s Why…

piano direction image

About 5 years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to play the fiddle.  I was sure I'd pick it up quickly and I'd be jamming away like a boss in no time.  This was not the case.  For my first few we … Continue Reading →

How To Tackle The Measure Monster

Difficult Piano Measures Image

I love teaching adult piano students because they are so brutally honest about their struggles in learning this very challenging instrument. They are able to fall back on humour when dealing with … Continue Reading →