The Top 5 Piano Teaching Posts in 2014


We just about had a heart attack yesterday as we sifted through our piano teaching posts, whittling them down to the Top 5 Posts of 2014. Why the heart palpitations?… Because there are now 722 posts … Continue Reading →

Why Piano Teachers Should Hold Student-Led Interviews… Piano Style!


Last week a huge windstorm knocked out power in our part of the woods. Because of the lack of power, and an enormous tree that had fallen across the road, Parent-Teacher Interviews at Lexi’s school w … Continue Reading →

What a 7-Course New York City Dinner Taught Me About Teaching Piano To Kids

Variety in piano lessons

My mom is an amazing cook. This means I am in the fortunate position of sampling some pretty amazing culinary treats… (Mom: if you're reading this, we're free for dinner tomorrow by the way. Just say … Continue Reading →

How Four “Mistake-Busters” Can Turn Students Into Sight-Reading Superstars


Want to strike fear into the hearts of pianists great and small?… Spring some sight-reading on them! My piano students are not what you might call "sight-reading super fans". I am not what you might c … Continue Reading →

OK, Who Can Come Up With The Most Inventive Piano Studio Quest?


There’s a great children’s book called Math Curse. The main character in the book believes his math teacher has put a curse on him; everywhere in his life he is surrounded by math problems. These days … Continue Reading →

30 minutes of Shock and Awe; The Piano Teacher Trap You’ll Want to Avoid


A teacher wrote to us recently feeling overwhelmed.  “I feel as though my lessons have become 30 minutes of “shock and awe”… I have so many awesome activities and ideas that I feel as though I’m pullin … Continue Reading →

Why Trevor Thinks We Mis-Named Our Dog and What It Means For Your Piano Teaching


We have a dog named Marley… you know… like “Bad Dog Marley”. Trevor wanted to name him “The General” (I think in a failed attempt to boost the testosterone in an otherwise girl-dominated household). … Continue Reading →

7 Activities For $7.00… Amazing Piano Lessons on a Shoestring


So my yearly order to Oriental Trading just went through… and my credit card is shedding some tears. But yours doesn't have to! Piano teachers have a lot of expenses, and there are easy ways to add so … Continue Reading →