How To Give Your Audience The Giggles

Piano Recital Giggles

Spring recitals this year are going to leave friends and families rolling in the aisles. Why?   Because piano students everywhere will be performing hits from PianoBookClub’s first book of the month, H … Continue Reading →

It’s Just Around the Corner – International Week of the Piano Geek

Have you registered for International Week of the Piano Geek yet? We are now only one weekend away from the most resource-filled online piano conference to ever hit the world wide web! International … Continue Reading →

Why April 29th Is A Date No Piano Teacher Will Want To Miss


Andrea and I are super-excited to announce that from April 29th to May 3rd we will be presenting International Week of the Piano Geek! International Week of the Piano Geek will be a celebration of … Continue Reading →

You Will Be the Talk of the Town with this Fantastic Group Piano Resource…


Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new piano teaching resource, Happy Birthday Bach! And the timing is perfect because Bach’s birthday is just around the corner (March 21). Happy B … Continue Reading →

It’s Okay If Piano Practice Looks a Little Different Sometimes

Online Music Activities

If piano students want to progress, then regular piano practice has to be a priority. Consistency really is key! But as any piano teacher knows, inspiring students to practice is not always an easy … Continue Reading →

And the Piano Teacher Survey Says…


Have you ever scoured the internet looking for piano teaching statistics only to come up short? As piano teaching is an unregulated profession in most countries, it is tough to get any real … Continue Reading →

Why Have I Been Losing Sleep Lately?

WunderKeys Large

Last night marked the first time in 6 weeks that I have managed to steal more than 4 hours of sleep. And while many of you may jump to conclusions and assume it is our new baby that is keeping the … Continue Reading →

What a Bunch of Wierdos!… Inspire Your Students With Quirky Composer Facts

Did you know that the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol wore a wig... to bed?! Did you know that he also had 25 cats, and that each and everyone was named “Sam”?! Did you know that Andy Warhol once sha … Continue Reading →