Why You Won’t Hear This Piano Teacher Complain… Even on Blue Monday.


If you're not feeling quite yourself today you aren't alone.  Because today is the the most depressing day of the year (actually, there's some disagreement about the actual date but that's another … Continue Reading →

Is It Finally Time To Quit?

Let’s face it… you’ve considered quitting. And nobody blames you. At some point we’ve all considered quitting. Quitting can be a scary journey into the unknown. It is unpredictable and certainly unsett … Continue Reading →

Get Out Your Kleenex… We’re Talking Inspirational Kids

I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled cross this video yesterday.  At a time of year when piano lessons can tend to become routine... and when I'm desperately wishing for a tropical holiday … Continue Reading →

Making Music With Garbage… Proof That Music Is Necessity, Not Luxury

The next time someone wavers in their commitment to including music in the lives of their children you should show them this video.  It is one of the most amazing and inspiring things I have ever seen … Continue Reading →

This 5 Year Old’s Got Mad Chops, But What Really Impresses Me…

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For This Piano Teacher, Tomorrow Will Not Be A Bad Day


I love teaching piano. There is nothing I’d rather do to earn a living than teach piano. But I’m not going to lie… there are some days I would rather be doing almost anything else in the world … Continue Reading →

The Piano Teachers’ Army of Awesome

Yesterday we received an email that reaffirms why Andrea and I are often still wide awake answering emails, writing music, and planning new products hours after the rest of the world has called it a … Continue Reading →

A-Ha… A Great Example of Contemporary and Classical Music Getting Along

I love it when people find ways to bridge the gap between classical music and contemporary music. Instead of choosing one or the other, blurred lines between classical and contemporary music mean that … Continue Reading →