Teaching Piano With Toilet Paper Rolls

5 Toilet Paper Piano Games

While tidying the girls washroom the other morning I discovered 23 toilet paper rolls tucked in the recesses of the sink cabinet. The good news: my girls change the toilet paper rolls. The bad news: … Continue Reading →

Whoa! What Just Happened Here?


Today the TeachPianoToday.com makeover is complete! For the last two months Andrea and I have been working hard behind the scenes on a website redesign and we're thrilled with what has been … Continue Reading →

How to Teach Piano to Breeze Ahead Brittany

wall image

Have you taught a student like this before?:  Breeze Ahead Brittany sails through the first 25 pages of her primer level book.  She begs for more songs each week... "I can do five!  Puhleeeze can I do … Continue Reading →

Could This Be The Greatest Piano Teaching Giveaway Ever?!

piano present image

Andrea and I think you’re the greatest! So to celebrate you and all of the other wonderful readers of TeachPianoToday.com we wanted to create the greatest piano teaching giveaway of all time. In f … Continue Reading →

Walking the Tightrope of Awesome and How It Will Fill Your Piano Studio


If you’re like me, self-promotion is a very, very uncomfortable topic. I rarely discuss our piano teaching business with friends or family. I’m always worried about being perceived as boring… or bragg … Continue Reading →

What To Do When Your Your Piano Studio’s Success Depends On An 8 Year Old In Pigtails…

You could argue that piano teaching success depends on many different things… but I’m going to argue that piano teaching success ultimately comes down to just one really important thing: Student Pro … Continue Reading →

And The Funniest Gift Was…

Thank you to everyone who submitted their most bizarre piano teacher gifts they had ever received to our contest on Thursday.  We so enjoyed reading your comments! There were just too many funny and … Continue Reading →

The 5 Essentials of Your Piano Advertising Campaign – It’s Q and A Day!

Question:  What is the best way you have found to advertise? newspaper, flyers, mailings or just a little of everything? Forgive me… This post is going to sound like one big sales pitch but that is n … Continue Reading →