Your Piano Students Will Never Want To Leave When You Are Using These

PianoGameClub - January Games2

Our goal in 2015 is to “wow” you with out-of-this-world piano teaching advice and never-before-seen piano teaching resources. So today we wanted to share with you two resources that are going out this … Continue Reading →

5 Wonderful Ways To Welcome Your Piano Students… Without Wasting Time

Use these 5 ideas to welcome piano students to their lessons

The door opens and it's a flurry of jackets and boots and parents and siblings... a new student has arrived. Then it's music bags and books and notices and practice pages and... phew! The first few … Continue Reading →

How 5 Feet Can Make All The Difference to Your Piano Students’ Technique

Improve Your Piano Students' Technique

I'm a lefty.  No, I'm not left-handed.  But I do sit on the left side of my piano students. Why? Because I've always done so. Likely because my piano teacher did so.  Likely because her neurotic dog ne … Continue Reading →

5 Productive Piano Studio Projects You Can Accomplish In Your Pj’s

5 piano studio projects

The first few days after Christmas are always pretty lax. You may or may not have touched the stack of presents under the tree that are waiting to be put away, you may or may not have taken off your py … Continue Reading →

What Are TEDDtales And Why You Will Shout… Finally!

TEDDtales Level 1 Cover 300

When something is right, it just feels right! I spend a lot of time running new piano teaching resources through my mind. To the rest of the world it seems like I’m just sitting at a desk staring out … Continue Reading →

Teaching Piano With Toilet Paper Rolls

5 Toilet Paper Piano Games

While tidying the girls washroom the other morning I discovered 23 toilet paper rolls tucked in the recesses of the sink cabinet. The good news: my girls change the toilet paper rolls. The bad news: … Continue Reading →

Whoa! What Just Happened Here?


Today the makeover is complete! For the last two months Andrea and I have been working hard behind the scenes on a website redesign and we're thrilled with what has been … Continue Reading →

How to Teach Piano to Breeze Ahead Brittany

wall image

Have you taught a student like this before?:  Breeze Ahead Brittany sails through the first 25 pages of her primer level book.  She begs for more songs each week... "I can do five!  Puhleeeze can I do … Continue Reading →