How To Teach Piano

Are you new to the piano education world and want to know the how to teach piano basics? Are you an experienced piano teacher who is looking for that little known trick or tip to teach you how to deal with teenagers, or a student who won’t practice, or a kid who just can’t figure out the Alberti Bass? If so, you will find your answer here! 

“How To Teach Piano” Tips from the Blog

Have you ever struggled with teaching shy piano students? Sure they can provide some relief from an otherwise hectic day, but “quiet” is not always a good thing! Getting through to shy piano students can be even more challenging than getting through to rambunctious students. If you are struggling with a student like this, check out this post on how to teach piano to shy students.

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Teenagers scare me! I’m kidding they don’t… always. Knowing how to teach piano to teenagers involves a lot more than simply knowing how to teach piano. At this age, our students are dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil and stress that will affect how and why they learn piano. Read this blog post for important teenage piano tips that will make your life a lot easier.

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Gifted piano students are a riot to teach. They grasp concepts quickly, master new pieces with ease, and fly through scales. But we need to remember that gifted piano kids are still… kids; and just because they don’t having difficulties learning piano doesn’t mean they won’t have difficulties as a piano student. Click this link For a series of tips on how to teach piano to gifted kids.

There are few things more “trying” for a piano teacher than students who forget to practice… but piano students who forget to come to lessons may even be more frustrating. If you are experiencing this kind of frustration check out our blog post for tips on how to teach piano to Missy Miss-A-Lot!

Have you ever tried to teach piano to an Anthony Ants-In-His-Pants? You know the child we’re talking about… the one who enters and exits like a tornado leaving the piano studio and teacher in disarray. If you are desperate for tips on how to deal with a difficult piano student check out this blog post.

There’s nothing better than a phone call from a parent wanting piano lessons for siblings; it’s a fast way to fill your schedule. But teaching piano to siblings presents a bunch of challenges you wouldn’t otherwise face. So, if you teach siblings and want to know how to best teach them piano check out this post.

Have you ever taught a “Play-By-Ear Paul”… a teenager whose first teacher is Youtube… a teenager who loves music, can play most anything by ear, but can’t read a note? If so, check out this post and learn how to teach piano to Play-By-Ear Paul.

Do you have piano students who are simply happy to just hit the right note as they plow through their piece? Do you desperately want them to ‘feel’ the music?! Then check out this post and discover how to teach rubato to Mr. Roboto.

The posts above are just the tip of the iceberg. For more great tips on how to teach piano to kids, teens, adults, and everyone in between… click here.

Piano Teaching Tips for the Visual Learner

There is no substitute for positive piano teaching. Check out the video to learn how to implement a fail-proof approach to positive piano teaching that will pay dividends.

There are a million method books out there… but which one is the best. Well, that depends on a number of factors. Check out the video to learn some key tips to help you choose the best piano method book for your students.

When first learning how to teach piano you may find that time management plays a huge roll. Pacing a piano lesson is not as easy as one may think. Incorrect timing may mean that your racing to cram knowledge in at the end, or it may mean that you desperately searching for something to do at the end of a 30 minute lesson.

Check Out These Great Piano Teaching Resources

Teachers, both new and experienced, rave about all of the “how to teach piano” tips offered in our guide, Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip burgers. But it offers so much more than just piano teaching tips. “Piano Hands” offers up some of the most important business and advertising tips for your piano studio that you will find anywhere. In fact, the guide outlines our very own blueprint for success that we personally used to grow our piano school from 30 students to 300 in 3 years. Be sure to check it out. (Price – $9.95)

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A big part of knowing how to teach piano to boys is knowing “what makes them tick”. Boys by their very nature are active, adventurous… and antsy. They need piano resources that are going to instantly grab and keep their attention. Enter… The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo. This comic-based music book makes thrilling piano pieces the backdrop to an exciting comic adventure. Price – $19.95 for ALL 3 levels (early elementary, elementary, intermediate)

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WunderKeys is designed for teachers of all levels of experience, but for new piano teachers it is a fantastic way to launch a career. The program’s step-by-step design provides everything a teacher needs, to know how to teach piano to preschoolers. WunderKeys takes very young children with no prior musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding needed for future success.

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