These revolutionary new music books put the adventure into learning the piano. They are the Bam!, the Zzzwap! and the Kapow! for teaching boys to love music. No boy can resist a good adventure… so if you want your students focused, inspired, and desperate for their next lesson, then you need…

Do you fight a constant battle to retain boy students? Even if they show initial interest do you find their enthusiasm wears thin and they soon stop attending lessons?

Let’s be honest, teaching boys anything can be a bit a bit of a struggle – not because they are evil creatures but because they are fun filled, high energy, adventure seekers. As piano teachers we need to embrace that nature and use it to our advantage.

Played By The Author

Traditional methods have failed to do that.

The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music For Boys) harnesses the power of a boy’s natural inclinations and uses it to motivate, inspire and ultimately produce fantastic piano players.

Imagine the difference to your business if the boys you teach were telling their parents how much they love your lessons – and their parents were telling everyone else. Not to mention the satisfaction you would get from seeing the real potential of your male students reached.

Take an in-depth, video tour of the piano books…

So… what is so fantastic about this product?

First let us introduce ourselves.

We are Trevor and Andrea Dow and we have owned and operated a music school in Canada for the last 12 years. We currently have 350 enrolled students and 14 teachers, so we know all about the frustrations of getting the best out of boys learning piano.

In fact, we were so frustrated by it we decided to develop an innovative 21st century approach that would really reach boys and make teaching them piano a pleasure – for teacher and student.

The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music For Boys) is a digital music book (well, actually 3 levelled books) that makes original piano pieces the backdrop to a thrilling and compelling comic adventure. As the students learn the scores they become the driving force behind the story. Drawn into the tale they are keen to perfect each new piece to help the story unfold.

And it is not just the story and the
adventure that captivates them…

We have used music that appeals to their high energy levels and sense of the dramatic with towering, thunderous rhythms, rapid tempo and a thoroughly modern sound.

With our Piano Music For Boys
you will be getting…

  • Three levelled comic-based piano books- one with music written for early elementary students
    – one with music written for elementary students
    – one with music written for intermediate students
  • 9 original piano pieces per book written with intense boy appeal…that’s 9 original piano pieces x 3 books for 27 piano pieces in total… WOW!
  • A full color 3-page comic in each of the three piano books
  • A resource that is fully re-printable and easily turned into as many hard copies as you like. As the product comes in digital form you never worry about losing them or damaging them. Never pay for them again. As long as they are for your own use you are permitted unlimited copies.
  • Instant access to a product that will radically change the way you teach boys piano and the way they react to it.

To inspire you to try it we want to
offer you a unique guarantee.

The Rare Compliment Guarantee

How often do one of your boys tell you they love piano lessons? Not often enough, right? We are so confident that The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music For Boys) will change that, we promise you your money back if you don’t hear it at least once a week once you revolutionize your teaching methods with our product.

There are no catches and no excuses from us. If boys and their parents do not start telling you how great your lessons are, left right and center – we give you back your full purchase price. All we ask is that you fill in a feedback form telling us about your experience.

We can offer this guarantee because we know boys love our Piano Music For Boys! Only $19.95

Here’s what a recent owner had to say
about Piano Music for Boys…

“…I was excited to present these comic book style pieces to one male student in particular. Once he started playing the songs, his younger brother couldn’t wait to play them, either. They quickly learned each and every piece of music in the down-loadable early elementary level music, and have been asking for the next installment. They love the comics, the action-oriented music, and the mysterious and exciting sounds. They are thrilled to use the pedal, and they have asked to work on the next level of difficulty (of the same pieces) to tide them over until the next installment is complete.

“The music is convenient to order, no trips to the music store are necessary. It is very attainable for younger students. The hand positions are easy but not static, there is enough repetition to facilitate learning, and the music writing is exciting, fun, and full of neat ideas that the students love. My students have already improved on their note reading and especially in their musicality. Suddenly, musical themes and dynamics have much more meaning when attached to a Villain and a Hero. Fermatas and rests become secret hideouts and eighth notes are clues to the mystery. This series has certainly added energy and excitement to my students’ piano lessons.

“These pieces are easy to teach, as well. The fingerings are not overly complicated. I find that the pieces are just easy enough that the student feels successful, but just hard enough that they are learning new material. I’ve already started using ‘The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo’ with a new batch of students. Their eyes lit up and they couldn’t wait to run to the piano. These arrangements are definitely a hit.

“I truly enjoy teaching this series and can’t wait for the next one!”

Amanda Furbeck
Macungie, Pennsylvania

You owe it to yourself to get Piano Music For Boys
and you owe it to your pupils

Boys are wonderful, many of them are very talented, and all of them deserve the best methods of teaching piano we can give them.

Purchase and download The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music for Boys) today and get a resource that will improve the profits of your business, improve your lessons and most importantly improve boys’ experience of the piano.

Become a piano teaching superhero!

Best wishes,

Andrea and Trevor Dow
Company, Teach Music Today Learning Solutions