Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers


We could show you exactly how to do it

Now most likely operating a 300 student music school like we do is not what you had in mind. Maybe 30 students is enough. In fact, 30 students is fantastic.

Since the launch of our piano teacher’s guide, Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers, over 3 years ago, we have helped thousands of teachers grow their piano studios fast!

They were piano teachers just like you.

Some were starting out. Some were veterans. Some had relocated to new towns. But all wanted to teach piano to more kids!

Which is why they came to us

Building great piano studios is what we do. In fact, we grew our own music school from 30 students to 300 in a little over 3 years. We’re not bragging, we just want to make it very clear that, like the title of our book says, Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers!

We want piano teachers to replicate our success. Too many great piano teachers give up too soon because they think there is no money in teaching or they’ll never attract enough students to earn a living

Think again!

A Piano Teaching Guide with REAL
strategies that REALLY work!

The “Piano Hands” guide to piano teaching success, encapsulates everything we’ve learned over our 13 year career as music school owners that helped us grow our piano teaching school to over 300 students in 3 years!

But it’s not just about us. We’ve also helped hundreds of teachers grow their piano teaching business using the EXACT strategies found in our 22-chapter, 113 page piano teaching guide all for just $9.95.

“I honestly think every piano teacher would benefit from reading/owning this guide. It saddens and frustrates me when I hear teachers say they can’t make a living as a music/ piano teacher and can only do it as a  hobby even though it is their passion. You have a great music manual. It is wonderful!”

Jerald Simon
President, Music Motivation

“Yes, Yes, and Yes! I already have 30 students and I just began teaching 3 months ago! Thanks for an outstanding guide.”

Jeremy S.
United States

The Piano Hands Method will teach you the 3 simple steps to piano teaching success

Section 1 – Attracting Piano Students

  • Discover how a parent’s perspective towards piano lessons has changed over the last ten years and how you can position your piano studio to take advantage of this.
  • Explore how successful piano teachers EXPLOIT NICHE MARKETS AND WIN!
  • Learn how to avoid the marketing mistakes that most piano teachers make and how you can create an ad campaign that generates buzz.

Section 2 – Teaching Piano Students

  • Discover the important “little things” that make a HUGE difference when structuring your piano lessons.
  • Learn how to keep your lessons engaging and exciting by breaking them in to 3 Must-Teach sections.
  • Receive important advice on how to incorporate, but not rely solely, on piano teaching method books.
  • Review “off-bench” piano teaching games and activities that keep students motivated.
  • Discover the importance of lead sheets for teenage students and others on the verge of quitting.
  • Learn a FOOL-PROOF METHOD to teaching kids to compose.
  • Receive 7 unique, engaging home practice activities that will motivate ANY piano student.
  • Uncover 4 proactive ways to reward students and keep the motivation ball rolling, while generating valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

Section 3 – Managing Your Piano Studio

  • Discover the fine balance of studio policy creation that could make or break your success.
  • Review tips on setting your price, MAKING MORE MONEY, and handling “money issues”.
  • Learn how to legally structure your business.
  • Review the pros and cons of teaching piano at your home or theirs.
  • Discover a 4 step process that will resolve any teaching issue and make your parents, your students, and you… happy.
  • Review the 108 strategies for piano teaching success.

If teaching piano is your dream…

We are here to tell you it is within reach! You have spent years perfecting your piano-playing skills. With this eBook, you will learn, step-by-step, how to turn your piano teaching passion into a successful and lucrative career.

Click to purchase, and within minutes you will be downloading this valuable and informative book, filled with the information you need to take your love of piano and build it into a full-time career teaching piano to others.

“Piano Hands is the most inspiring teaching guide I have ever read. The key is in its practicality – exercises and ideas I can implement NOW! I have recently spent quite a bit of money on piano teaching handbooks and nothing compares with Piano Hands!”

Nerida N.
NSW Australia

“I have been playing piano for nearly 20 years but I never had the confidence to teach. Where to begin? After reading this book I feel as though someone just handed me a treasure map. Thank you Andrea and Trevor.”

Charlie S.
New Jersey

“I recently purchased your book which I have thoroughly loved! Thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful ideas. I am getting ready to open a new studio, after a seven year break from teaching, and am always looking for ways to keep teaching fun and exciting – for both myself and my student!”

J. Martindale
United States

We look forward to helping you make piano teaching the career you so desperately want.

Warmest regards,

Andrea and Trevor Dow
Authors, Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers

In case you are nervous about ordering from someone you don’t know, please be assured this is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” kind of operation. Piano teaching is how we make our living. It is how we put food on our table. We operate an active piano teaching community at TeachPianoToday.com, and interact with fans regularly on our facebook page (facebook.com/teachpianotoday). We respond to every email we receive so you can always reach us.

In addition to our online piano teaching activities we also own and operate a private music school on Vancouver Island, Canada. At our school we have 350 students and have just hired our 15th teacher. All of our success with the music school is owed to the principals in our guide, Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers.

To download your copy of Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers for only $9.95 click the link below.

Our 30 Day Money Back 100% Guarantee

For $9.95 you get a proven strategy for attracting and teaching a boatload of piano students and the best part is, sign up just one student and the book has paid for itself in the first 30 minutes. And you have our personal 30 Day Guarantee that if you aren’t completely satisfied that the book will bring you piano teaching success, I will refund your payment! That’s how truly confident we are that you will experience the success that we now enjoy.