Who Knew This Famous Celebrity Could Rock Out on the Piano?

I started out writing today’s post with the intent of exploring famous celebrities who are also piano players. Not only did I believe it might make for an interesting post, but I also thought it might be beneficial for teachers who are trying to keep “fringe” students interested in piano lessons.

I’m sorry to say I got sidetracked (as I often do!) because in my quest to uncover piano playing celebrities, I stumbled upon an amusing video clip of Hugh Laurie, with comedian Stephen Fry.

High Laurie, as I am sure you know, plays the leading character on the hit television show, House. But his talents extend well beyond acting. Hugh Laurie is an accomplished pianist who began taking piano lessons at the age of six. In addition to recording his own album, he was also a guest artist on Meatloaf’s 2010 album “Hello Cool Teddy Bear”.

As I watched the clip below, my immediate reaction was, “Cool… I never knew he could play.” And all of a sudden Hugh and I had a connection. Which is exactly the reaction you may get if you tell your piano students that Justin Bieber or Aaron Rodgers (of the Green Bay Packers) also play the piano. That simple connection may be enough to save those “fringe students”.

Check out the clip below. Please note… the video contains mature humor that isn’t appropriate for children.

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