The Piano Teacher’s ‘Book of Awesome’…What Would Top Your List?

I’m sure many of you have heard of “The Book of Awesome”.  For those who haven’t, it’s a collection of 1000 things that make you happy… like when socks from the dryer all match up perfectly, or the very first scoop of peanut butter from the jar, or the cold side of your pillow.  It’s all about the simple things that make your life… well… awesome.

I love this book – most of the things in it speak to me.  So, I thought it would be fun to come up with the Piano Teacher’s version.  We want you to sound off in the comment section below and tell us what would make the list in your Piano Teaching ‘Book of Awesome’!

If I were to write the Piano Teacher’s ‘Book of Awesome’ it would include…

1.  Setting an “old fashioned” analog metronome to Presto just to watch it.  

2.  Three tonic chords played Fortissimo at the end of a Sonatina.

3. Glissandos

4.  Yoga pants that can pass for teaching pants.

5.  A well-used book lit by a brass adjustable piano lamp (you know the ones!)

6.  A student’s cancellation at 7:15 Friday with no mention of wanting a make-up lesson.

7.  Mechanical pencil lead that doesn’t snap.

8.  A piece played in Eb major without a single missing A flat.

9.  A piece played in E major without a single missing D sharp.

10.  Knowing your post-teaching dinner is already made.

11. A voice mail from a family with 4 children inquiring about piano lessons.

12.  Watching your student ace a performance.

13.  Watching the parents’ faces as your student aces a performance.

14.  A student who is a few minutes late when you really need a bathroom break.

15.  Lysol wipes.

16.  Teaching a piano piece that you yourself played as a child.

17.  When Halloween falls on a non-teaching day.

18.  Students who give you Gift Cards for Christmas.

19. Filling out the certificate at the back of your student’s lesson book.

What is your idea of awesome?  Share your own “Piano Teacher Book of Awesome” additions in the comments section below!

16 Responses to The Piano Teacher’s ‘Book of Awesome’…What Would Top Your List?

  1. Melissa says

    There are yoga pants that can pass for teaching pants? MUST HAVE.

    I’m going to add:

    Picking out new music with a student

    Relatedly, buying new music

    When a student comes in all excited about the fact that they memorized a piece, worked ahead in the book, or did some other awesome thing they were not required to do

  2. Leanne says

    The request of “Can I please play more than just one song at the recital?”

    Watching the eyes light up as you announce that they are now ready to play “The Pink Panther” (or any other popular piece)

  3. says

    Watching your own children succeed and become passionate about piano. Crying with joy because your oldest composed an intricate original piece with multi instruments and it “sings” to your soul.

  4. Laura B. says

    Hearing a student say “Can I play this at the next recital?” after sight reading a piece months before the next recital

    Asking a student how her week has been, hearing the reply “Great!”, asking “In what way?”, and then hearing “I memorized all my pieces and practiced between an hour and an hour and a half each day!” (yes, this is a true story!)

    Seeing a student’s eyes and whole face light up after “getting” how to play truly forte or whatever they’ve been striving to do

  5. Mary says

    A 6 year old enthusiastically getting her books opened to her pieces, placed on the music rack and the cd out ready to hand off to me as we start her lesson.

  6. says

    # 6, 10, and 14 definitely top my list… LOL. You’d almost think I don’t like teaching after that, but I really do.

    My awesome is:
    1. A student that asks to sing Classical voice, instead of the latest Taylor Swift hit.
    2. Singers who have AMAZING voices, but don’t care about being on American Idol, or making it BIG in the music industry. They just LOVE to sing and have a sweet and gentle attitude.
    3. Singers who maybe don’t have such an amazing voice, but are willing to work hard, practice, and become better for themselves. They know they will never be good enough to make a record, but they don’t care!

    I also like watching the metronome tick at Presto… hehe :)

  7. Laura says

    Addendem to #17 – when the day AFTER Halloween falls on a non-teaching day!

    Also – when a student’s eyes light up in amazement as they watch their own fingers play – you know, the “I didn’t know I could do that!” look.

  8. Holly Valencia says

    AWww! These are great! No wait…They’re awesome! hehe Here are some off the top:

    1. When parents DROP OFF and PICK UP their child.
    2. When you’re feeling tired and cranky, but your students say the cutest and funniest things that turn your mood around.
    3. When they give you their original artwork.
    4. Watching parents talk to each other after a recital congratulating each other! AWww :)

  9. Jacqueline says

    1. Thank-you cards written in crayon from very young students.

    2. When students make up new acronyms for naming the lines and spaces.

    3. Completed theory homework!

    4. When students continue playing an old piece ‘just for fun’ because they like it so much.

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