Take That Twitter! Your Piano Teaching Questions Answered in 88 Characters or Less

Have you ever thought something sounded like fun until you actually were confronted with “said fun”. You know what I mean… like bungee jumping; it sounds fun, until you’re perched on a platform hundreds of feet above a river gorge with nothing more than a rope tied around your ankles.

And so it was two days ago that we challenged ourselves to take questions from the Teach Piano Today community and answer them in less than 88 characters; after all it sounded like a fun challenge. If you’re unsure of what 88 characters looks like, here you go:

88 characters does not allow for “fluff”, so you know we’ll be concise and to the point.

As it turns out, restricting our answers to just 88 characters was a lot more challenging than expected. But a promise is a promise, and when forced to cut the fat, I think the following answers hit the mark and make for an easy read. So, on to your piano teaching questions!

Let the Fun Begin

Question: How do you keep a struggling student motivated during lessons?

Strugglers need time to play the easy music they love; remind them how success feels.
(85 characters)


Question: How do you get parents to pay attention to your list of studio courtesies (like not talking on their cell phone during a lesson) that is posted very obviously (in my opinion) in the studio without being mean about it?

We wrote a great post about this… possibly tongue and cheek, definitely worth reading.
(87 characters)


Question: What are some fun ways to keep energetic little boys excited about piano?

Move, move, move! If it can be taught off the bench, teach it off the bench!
(76 characters)


Question: What are your ideas on method books for kindergarten and 1st graders? I’ve gone back and forth between several. Which method does your studio use?

We love My First Piano Adventures.  Designed for 5-6 year olds and lots of fun.
(79 characters)


Question: How do I teach notes on the staff? They learn to read steps and skips easily, but not the actual note names.

Teach guide notes using visual cues. Move away from guide notes one step at a time.
(83 characters)


Question: How do you make home practice as motivating as the piano lessons?

Shameless plug but couldn’t resist, Shhhh… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice.
(86 characters)


Question: How do you handle a talented student who is a good sight reader, but hates the “polishing” process.

Talented students need a reason to polish. Organize frequent performance opportunities.
(87 characters)

Well, That Was Fun…

Success! Your burning questions answered in 88 characters or less. If you enjoyed what we had to say in 88 characters or less, we can guarantee you’ll love reading the rest of our blog… so if you’re not already a subscriber, click here to joing the Teach Piano Today community.

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