Whoa! What Just Happened Here?


Today the TeachPianoToday.com makeover is complete! For the last two months Andrea and I have been working hard behind the scenes on a website redesign and we're thrilled with what has been … Continue Reading →

Tell Us Your Problems… I Mean… Tell Us Your Piano Problems


Several months ago we reached out to our readers to collect a list of their biggest piano pain points. We had a ton of submissions, almost all of which became inspiration for blog posts. So Today, … Continue Reading →

This Piano Lesson Printable Will Leave You A-Mazed…

a-ma-zing printable

Do you sometimes wonder why you even bother to write lesson notes for your piano students?  You can tell they haven't been read each week...  you can tell the binder hasn't even been opened.  And is it … Continue Reading →

How Bach Can Help You Dig Out of the Snow


It's been a rough winter! Piano teachers have dealt with snow, ice rain, flooding and power outages. If you are one of the thousands of piano teachers looking at your list of cancelled lessons and … Continue Reading →

How To Give Your Audience The Giggles

Piano Recital Giggles

Spring recitals this year are going to leave friends and families rolling in the aisles. Why?   Because piano students everywhere will be performing hits from PianoBookClub’s first book of the month, H … Continue Reading →

The Magic of Teaching Piano Using Mirroring


I spend quite a bit of time working with my piano kids on developing fluency in their playing. Why? Because there's benefits for everyone when this "clicks" for them: 1. As the teacher you are able … Continue Reading →

Your Burning Piano Teaching Questions Answered


About three times a year we reach out to the Teach Piano Today community; asking our readers to submit their burning piano teaching questions for us to then answer in our blog posts.  We want to be … Continue Reading →

A Printable To Inject Some Fun Into Your Piano Lesson Notes

Piano lesson notes done different

If getting piano students to read your lesson notes is like pulling teeth, over the next month we’ll be sharing a few printables that might just make this challenge a whole lot easier! The Problem W … Continue Reading →