The Brutal Honesty of a Friend… A Great Check In For Piano Teachers


I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at taking constructive criticism.  OK... That's a lie.  I'm horrible at it.  Let me start again, "I'd like to be pretty good at taking constructive criticism". My … Continue Reading →

When Minecraft Met Minor Chords… Using Your Piano Students’ Interests To Your Advantage


I have a minecraft-obsessed piano student (as many of you do, I'm sure!).  It's all he talks about. I'm not a video game person and so it was initially a little tiring. Me:  "So let's take a look at t … Continue Reading →

Here’s A Cheeky Piano Practice Printable That Is Sure To Motivate Any Piano Student

Piano Chores

Occasionally I amuse myself… today is one of those times. But before I get to the root of my amusement, be forewarned, I have a great relationship with my piano parents so I find it funny to keep t … Continue Reading →

How To Repair The Damage After a Piano Recital Flop


It's recital season... and that means that thousands of children around the world are preparing to place themselves in front of a room full of people... and odds are... some will flop! While we all … Continue Reading →

A Trash To Treasure Composing Activity! Have Fun and Clean Out Your Junk Drawer…


I'm going to bare my soul and share the most embarrassing part of my entire house. I have a junk drawer.  And it contains a frustrating jam-the-drawer-shut collection of everything from hair elastics … Continue Reading →

Why Piano Teachers Should Hold Student-Led Interviews… Piano Style!


Last week a huge windstorm knocked out power in our part of the woods. Because of the lack of power, and an enormous tree that had fallen across the road, Parent-Teacher Interviews at Lexi’s school w … Continue Reading →

The “Zero In” Productivity Printable That Should Live In Every Piano Student’s Binder


I once had a professor in university who seemed to mark papers with some sort of "throw a dart at a letter grade and that's what you get" type system. He had no criteria or written expectations - he'd … Continue Reading →

How I Managed To Give My Piano Students Extra Lesson Time Without Increasing My Teaching Time


Disclaimer – I know this won't work with all siblings, but if you have a couple of little angels or "best friends", you may discover that the following experiment can work for you too! On Wednesday a … Continue Reading →