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Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers (A Teacher’s Guide)

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I was up until midnight reading this book. I didn’t want to put it down, but my eyes were too tired so I had to. I’m halfway through and can’t wait to finish. This book is great. You gave ideas I hadn’t heard before. I think this is a must have for every piano teacher and you know I have to blog about this resource too. Matter of fact I emailed two teachers I know that are struggling with their studios right now. I’m hoping they both follow through and purchase it because I think it will really benefit them.
Jennifer Foxx, Goodyear AZ, USA

“Thanks so much for your book! I am reading it non-stop! I’m thrilled to follow your suggestions…I have a thriving studio because of many of the ideas you’ve suggested that I have incorporated over the last year. I started with my 2 neighbor kids, then 10 students, now at 24 and we are considering building a garage/studio this year and going forward!” (*1 year later) “As an update…thanks to your ideas and inspiration, we opened a music school with 5 teachers and over 60 students!  And we ain’t stopping there….”
Kelly Koch, Gulf Breeze, Florida

“Hi Andrea and Trevor, Just want to thank you for your great book. It has helped my students enjoy lessons more, and me to run my business more successfully. Piano Hands is truly the best book I have read on seeing lessons from the child’s and parents’ perspectives!”
Helena Pacholuk

“I must say that this book has been the greatest investment I’ve made in my music school. I downloaded it on Friday and sat and read it in one sitting, then I read it again on the weekend. I’m so excited about the possibilities and the growth of my studio. I currently teach about 35 students and was really looking for ways to expand. You’ve made it so easy, interesting, fun and the list goes on. Thank you for this blessing. I will let you know shortly how well things turn out because I know once I use the guidelines given in this book [my studio] will be the talk of the town. Continue the awesome job you both are doing.
Nicola Brown, Bahamas

“Can I just say- Your website is such an inspiration to me. Truly. I love all of the fresh ideas and approaches. I absolutely loved Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers, and it gave me the courage to start charging a bit more. I just moved to a new city, and so it’s the perfect time to revamp my studio and I’m so glad I found your website during this time. I can’t wait to use your Instagram suggestion this Fall with my students, and I’m planning on purchasing more of your products/teaching materials very soon!!” Thanks again for being such an inspiration!
Sarai Brinker, Lubbock TX

“Piano Hands is the most inspiring teaching guide I have ever read. The key is in its practicality – exercises and ideas I can implement NOW. I have recently spent quite a bit of money on piano teaching handbooks and guides in search of practical ideas for my studio – NOTHING compares with Piano Hands!”
Nerida N., NSW, Australia

“I spent my morning reading through all the Wunderkeys info and revisiting what I learned from the Piano Hands book, and I’m fully convinced that you’re a genius! Thank you for everything you do for the students, and for piano teachers all over the world :)”
Leia Sharma, India

“Dear Trevor and Andrea, I recently purchased your book, “Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers”. It is a GREAT book with so many great ideas. I like your perspective on so many issues facing piano teachers. Thank you!”
K. Warner, Owatonna, MN

“I purchased your book “Piano hands should not ……” It has transformed my mindset and how to grow my business. Thank you for sharing your experiences and imparting other teachers/ Studio owners like myself.
Andrew Muema, Huston, TX

“Yes, yes, yes! Thanks for an outstanding guide! I just began teaching 3 months ago and already have 30+ students.”
Jeremy S., Idaho, USA

“I came across your book “Piano Hands” back in July right after my husband found out he was getting laid off. We were so inspired that we began a piano studio. We started with the Wunderkeys program, and we really love the finger friends. I appreciate all that you have offered, and I have learned so much. Our studio is up and running. My whole philosophy about teaching lessons has changed, and now I enjoy teaching piano and my students love it too.
Betsy Ogden, Trafalgar, IN, USA

“Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers” is very very helpful! I am fresh out of college and I knew I wanted to teach piano lessons full time. I also knew that I wanted to be creative and not dull. So thankfully I came across this blog, which then lead me to your book, and now I am gaining ideas on marketing, teaching, etc! I try to read it on a consistent basis so that it will be fresh on my mind! It’s pretty cool!”
Angela, USA

“My husband and I are facing a lot of changes all at once: moving to Chicago, he’s starting a PhD program, and we’re having our first baby in two months. On top of it all, I need to find some kind of employment that will supplement his stipend and not keep me away from our baby all day. Having studied and loved piano my whole life, and seeing as I’m inheriting a beautiful 6′ Steinway, I thought this might be a good time to consider teaching. I wasn’t sure I’d have what it takes to start a piano teaching business. I’m six chapters into your book and have poured over your website. I’m so encouraged and excited about this prospect. I’m writing to tell you how your material is impacting me in my situation, and thank you for being creative and productive with your expertise and “putting it out there” for someone like me. I am an eager listener of all you can offer.”
Rebecca Fort, Evanston, Illinois

“I was hypnotized by your eBook. It is one of the most straight-forward piano teaching guides I’ve ever read. You provide detailed explanations and step by step instruction. Thanks again for this great eBook!”
Johanes M., Surabaya, Indonesia

“I recently purchased your Piano Hands e-book – which I have thoroughly loved! Thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful ideas. I am getting ready to open a new studio, after a seven year break from teaching, and I’m always looking for ways to keep teaching fun and exciting – for both myself and the students. There is so much more available now than there was 17 years ago. :)”
J. Martindale, USA

“A great “how-to” guide for teaching piano lessons. Andrea and Trevor have done their homework when it comes to teaching a teacher the essentials. They cover all the vital information from finding new students and creating policies, to choosing lesson books that will excite students!”
Robyn P., Oregon, USA

“I’ve spent the past few days researching how to start a small business, and am becoming overwhelmed. All I want to do is teach. I read through the first 3 chapters immediately after purchasing, and am looking forward to sitting down and reading the rest. I skipped to the later chapters, and see that page 93 asks the questions that I’ve slowly discovered the past couple of days. Now I wish I purchased this book last week! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge!I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again. I can’t wait to start teaching your WunderKeys program!”
Denise Topacio, Oceanside, USA

“I have been playing piano professionally for nearly 20 years, but I never had the confidence to teach. Where to begin? After reading this book, I feel as though someone just handed me a secret treasure map… And that’s exactly what it is! Thank you Andrea and Trevor.”
Charlie S., New Jersey, USA

Shhhh… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice

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“I just bought the book [Shhh…Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice] and just quickly browsed through it before I have to leave for my board meeting this morning. How FUN is this?! What a creative idea, I love it! I’m looking forward to having my students use these daily practice activities!”
Jennifer Foxx, Goodyear AZ, USA
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“Thank you..the book is amazing. It will be well used and enjoyed.”
Susanne, Ontario, Canada

“I am thrilled with “Shhh.. Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice”! Finally something fun and exciting to keep my piano students interested! The kids are going to love all the crazy things they have/can do with the music we are working on. It is going to keep them excited and motivated, especially with the pieces we work on for a few weeks. I may just try a few of these myself!!”
Brittany Roque, Toledo OH

“This book a great solution for students who perhaps could use an extra boost of encouragement to practice or need help figuring out effective ways to practice.”
Joy Morin, Ohio

“My favourite has to be “Shhhhh… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice!” The ideas are so innovative and terrific for motivating young students to spend time at the piano!”
Ellen B, Canada

“Not only are these exercises creative and fun, but they also encourage good and sound practicing techniques. I think that through doing these exercises students will not only have more fun with their practicing, but they will become better and more thoughtful practicers. This book is meant as a supplement to the student’s regular practicing. It is a perfect way to add a little excitement to the practice session. I really think this is a fantastic resource and cannot wait to use it with some of my students. As there are 88 daily exercises in the book, I can’t help but think what a wonderful summer practicing program this would make! I LOVE that when you purchase the book, you are granted the right to make unlimited copies for your private piano studio. What a great deal!”
Jenny Boster, San Antonio, Texas 
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The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo

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“I have several students who dearly love this music. It is not just for boys! One of my ADD students has taken lessons for over 3 years. He never practiced and was difficult to teach because he ‘wandered’ here and there. I read the boook to him and it was just want the doctor ordered. He has played the songs in Early Elementary, then Elementary, and now Intermediate. His mom is making a costume of Fearless for spring recital. One girl’s mom is making a Silver Shriek costume. We will do a slide show during the music. Everyone is excited, but most importantly, they are practicing and having fun!”
Jeannie Myers, USA

“I want to thank you for “The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo”! I just gave Episode 2 to one of my students and watched his eyes light up! He had such a great time playing through Episode 1. Great fun!”
J. Pearson Knapp, Arizona, USA

“I ordered Fearless Fortissimo and one of my boy students played Mystery at the Mansion (he’s austic and loved the hand motions.) the other won’t play anything unless we rewrote the words to the songs in the lesson book.He didn’t ask to do that to yours. Thanks so much.
Amy Clovis Beverly Hills, Forida

“Last week I gave [a student] the first song from Fearless Fortissimo. We worked through each hand’s part (he is early elementary) at that lesson. This week, as I walked up the sidewalk to his home, I was met by the most amazing performance I have ever heard from him! Both hands were excellent, and he concluded the piece with a ritardando and diminuendo that wasn’t written in, and made it sound great! I helped him understand the accents and the cresc-dim signs (<>) and accent marks, which we didn’t cover last week, and he applied them for one more performance. What a difference. I honestly didn’t think he’d be ready for the next piece, so didn’t bring it for him. Oop! He’s so excited that he wants to finish his current level method books to get good enough for the next level of difficulty. One happy teacher with thrilled mom and student, saying THANKS!”
B.Yantz, Minnesota, USA

“Fearless Fortssimo is a hit with the boys at my studio! When I see their glossy eyes with that far away look of boredom, I bring out the comic book that brings them back to piano. Boys who have a hard time working on their weekly assignments learn the music for Fearless Fortissimo in a week, hands together, perfect rhythm and dynamics! I really believe Fearless Fortissimo has kept at least 2 boys from dropping out last semester! Thank you for this great idea!”
Dorla Aparicio, USA

“I bought your Fearless Fortissimo Episode 1 and we just performed it in its entirety last Friday for part of our spring recital. I had each student write a story to go with it and then my husband (who has an amazing ‘comic story guy’ voice) read it into a microphone, according to how the the students wanted it read. It was so much fun and the audience was completely captivated! The kids are all excited to do the next one at the next recital! I also bought the Muttzart program & have enjoyed using it thus far. Thanks again for sharing and creating so so much great stuff!”
Jenna Dayton, Indiana, USA

“The pieces (Fearless Fortissimo) are really great, I even enjoy playing them myself. I love their atmosphere, sooo fed up with the cheerful tunes in most other methods! 2 of my pupils today told me the same, which was shocking. Kids actually prefer the darker stuff!!”
Kat Perdikomati, UK

“I love Fearless Fortissimo. He has saved the day for me several times. In the studio where I work, I have access to digital pianos. During the summer months, I work with my students who are interested on orchestrating their spring recital pieces using the technology on digital pianos. Fun but a lot of work. One of my students who is in the 5th grade this year, chose last summer to orchestrate “Summoning Fearless” and performed it at the Winter Recital last month. I thought you might like to hear what Summoning Fearless meant to him. Thank you!!”
Monique McIntosh, Hutto, TX

“Just wondering if you have any idea when (or if?) the sequel to Fearless Fortissimo is coming out? My son asks me to check the website several times a week just to make sure I haven’t missed it! He loves the pieces – they have really motivated him to get down to playing for pleasure.”
Alison Cannon, UK

“You have been with me from the beginning of my piano teaching ‘career’. I believe the day of my first lesson was when I found you on-line. It brought calm and assurance! I’m grateful that you were and continue to be here for us. I had a young boy student that I couldn’t do a darn thing with. ADHD also, so running around, temper tantrums – the whole bit. When I started using your books for boys, I witnessed a miracle!!!! He did SO well with it for quite some time, so I was glad when you came out with the second edition! Eventually, he progressed to other material, but it wouldn’t have happened without Fearless Fortissimo!”
Wendy Funk

“Fearless is very popular with my boys! We read through the comic together before starting on the pieces. Immediately there are questions about what is going to happen etc etc etc !! :)”
Ruth B.,USA

“After sitting on your “Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo” for about a year, I finally got the right student at the right time. He is thrilled with the pieces in the first book. I don’t have to do any encouraging, tempting, helping, selling, no holding my breath, no hoping and praying-he is just PLAYING THE MUSIC, with appetite. BRAVO!”
Megan Hughes, Oregon, USA

“Hi! My students and I have been enjoying your book:) Thank you for the great approach and music!”
Rachel Luecke, United States

“Yesterday was the debut of The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo in my studio. My first “victim” is a 14 yr. old transfer student who has been struggling with reading and needed some motivation. I showed him the book and explained that he would have to play the musical score and he exclaimed, “This is so cool!” :) We read through Mystery at the Mansion. I asked if he had any questions afterward and he said, “No questions, but I have a comment. This is so awesome!!”
Christine Bookman, Ogdensburg, NY

The Curious Case of Muttzart and Ratmaninoff – Adventures in Composing for Kids

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 “I bought this book on the first day it was available, and it has already been VERY successful in my studio. I love reading the comic to my students first…even the “coolest of the cool” will snicker when the Tuna Juice comes out. This resource is perfect for the student who needs another kind of challenge. It’s also perfect for the student who doesn’t want to compose (usually because they don’t know HOW). It’s perfect for a student that you want to reinforce note identification in a unique way. And finally, and surprisingly, it’s a super resource for sight reading! Thank you for providing this clever and fun resource for piano teachers who are trying to think out of the lesson book!”
Kelly Koch, Florida USA

“I used your new composition book with all of my students ages 6 – 11 this week. I had nothing but positive remarks from parents and students alike! Thank you so much!! I must admit that I avoided teaching composition to this age group. Your book makes composition fun and very approachable. The kids can’t wait for lesson 2 next week! :-)”
Melissa Quilitzsch, Massachusetts, USA

“Well, I just started a couple of students on the first lesson and I think they’re hooked. The story and characters are just too cute. Very engaging. Now, if I could link a cute story to every part of my piano curriculum, I would be the most rockin’ piano teacher in the land.”
Terry Smith, Arizona, USA

“My student loves how you combined the story of Muttzart with learning how to compose. She started out too timid to improvise on the piano, but after your easy step-by-step directions she is now getting much more creative and is enjoying the freedom of improvising.”
Julie Lind

“My students LOVE “The Curious Case of Muttzart & Ratmaninoff”. Their eyes popped wide when in lesson two they were able to choose their own notes for the motive! You would have thought it was Christmas morning! The students and I love acting out the voices of the fun characters. One student even went home and recruited her sister to re-enact the first chapter with her. I have always wanted to compose with my students, but never had a clue where to begin! Mutzzart & Ratmaninoff is exactly what I dreamed of, but could never find! Mutzzart is my new hero!”
Carol Snider, Colorado, USA

“I used your new composition book with all of my students ages 6 – 11 this week. I had nothing but positive remarks from parents and students alike! Thank you so much!! I must admit that I avoided teaching composition to this age group. Your book makes composition fun and very approachable. The kids can’t wait for lesson 2 next week! :-)”
M. Quilitzsch, USA

“What WONDERFUL information…! I had never heard of some of these techniques. Of course I can’t speak for everyone but you folks have been a Godsend to me and my students.”
Anonymous, Colorado, USA

“I got your book and am delighted that some other musician has an inner child and brings it out for our young musicians.”
Eleanor Baldwin, California, USA

“Thank you for your delightful book… so witty, effective, and most of all…kid-friendly! I can hardly wait to try it with my students. I enjoy your work, and wish you all the best.”
Mary Gray, Prawling, NY

Happy Birthday Bach

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 “My students and I can’t wait to do another Master Class. This was an exciting and modern way for the kids (and myself) to get in tune with a Master Composer from over 300 years ago. My students were really excited about learning and performing their Bach classical music. They loved getting together. The Bach Master Class was definitely a huge success! I allowed 15 minutes for each activity and 1/2 an hour for the Master Class portion. There was a good flow. The whole event was just over 2 hours. I had 9 participants ages 7 – 9. For about a month Bach truly was a part of our lives. Leading up to the Master Class the kids learnt about Bach and watched performances on Youtube. For the 10 of us it was as if Bach was alive and well and living practically next door. Our enthusiasm spread to those around us. The parents were excited and surprised to see their kids so into the Baroque period. This was an excellent book. Please let me know when you come up with another one.”
Joanne Andrews, Ontario, Canada

 “This is TOTALLY Fabulous! Thanks so much…..when can we get more?”
Peggy L’Hoir, ATCL, RMT, Saskatchewan, Canada

Teach Piano Today Resources


“Thank you, Andrea and Trevor, for the exciting contributions you are making to the piano teaching profession. Your resources and materials are fresh and engaging and reflect “outside-the-box” thinking. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors”
Dr. Christopher Fisher, Associate Professor of Piano, Ohio University School of Music

“With the guidance and materials provided by Andrea and Trevor, teaching piano to little kids is a thousand times easier than I expected.”
K. Costello, BC, Canada

“When I shared the WunderKeys Program with my wife, her response, “They understand how to work with pre-schoolers!” Her undergraduate degree was in the field of working with pre-schoolers, so her opinion is important to me. What I like about the program so far is that individual lessons are the focus. So many group curriculums and I am tired of adapting them. Thank you, for the work you have done for all of us teachers and preschool students! What you are doing needs to be trumpeted to all the world!”
Allen Long, Member of the Founding Teachers of the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program

“There are so many great things I could say about your website, blog, books and music. But for now, I would like to say you have changed my life and my studio. I have 22 students. I was months from making a decision to shut it down completely, and now I am expanding. I am 34 but was teaching like my teacher did when I was 4. I am now free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Jennifer, USA

“You people are wonderful. I would love to meet you someday. What a great story and great book. I just read the whole book the minute I got it. Ok I skimmed through for now. I’m 60 and I’ve played piano most of my life and just started teaching about 4 years ago. SO much to learn. Thank you.”
Mike Winston, USA

“I have been using the WunderKeys Piano Program for a few of my youngest students since February 2012 and it is going very well! The books move along at an appropriate pace and keeps them interested with the cute “finger friends” and stories. I’ve tried other methods with young students before and they usually get frustrated when they are pushed to move too fast or to learn things that they aren’t ready for, so I like how this program is developmentally appropriate and focuses on concepts that will also help them with math down the line. Music should be fun for little ones, and this program gives them lots of opportunity to play and learn at the same time!”
Kristine Gee, Burnsville, MN

“Andrea and Trevor, I can’t find all the words to tell you how grateful I am to discover both of you, so I’ll just express a few. What a great empowering team and fantastic role models you are for all of us. It’s always the simple things in life that mean the most – a simple smile, a simple nod to doing well, a simple word of encouragement. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!”
Cheryl Bisho, California

“Parents of new students often tell me how my approach to piano teaching is a breath of fresh air and how they wish their lessons had been this fun when they were young!”
M. Smith, BC, Canada

“I am addicted to reading your daily blog everyday. So much so that the first thing I do is go to my computer to check my email for your blog!! You guys rock!”
Tina Federico, Toronto, Canada