Advertising Piano Lessons – Dare To Be Different

I cannot stress enough, the importance of UNIQUE advertising when it comes to piano lessons. I was reminded of this recently in a very un-piano-like atmosphere.

On my way home from town on Monday, my daughter (Lexi) and I decided to take a “short cut”. She always tells me my “short cuts” make her nervous because we usually end up crashing through the bushes while driving down some old cow trail.

Such was the case on Monday as we veered off the highway onto an old cow trail which eventually leads to the town where we run our piano studio. Now I am pretty sure only a handful of people ever travel the rocky, dirt road “short cut” we found ourselves on. And yet, stuck to a random tree, 5 miles off the highway in the middle of the woods,  is a sign that says, “Decks By Greg – Call 555-4321” (obviously not the real number).

Immediately I thought, “How brilliant! That’s how piano teachers need to advertise their lessons!”

Tips for advertising piano lessons

While only a handful of people take this road on any given week, the ones that do are going to smile and instantly remember this company that advertises out in the boonies.

Implications For Advertising Your Piano Lessons

What piano teachers need to remember, and what “Decks By Greg” knows, is that to stand out from the crowd, advertising materials must literally stand out from the crowd. These days, newspapers, bulletin boards, and mail boxes are often so full of marketing materials that your precious and expensive piano lesson advertising materials are becoming invisible.

How To Effectively Advertise Piano Lessons

If you what more bang for your buck when it comes to advertising, look for marketing methods that ensure your advertising WILL get noticed. This may mean using creative locations, creative materials, or creative methods of distribution.

Don’t be afraid to be different when advertising your piano studio. People are much more accepting of advertising that makes them smile.

Does Your Piano Studio Dare To Be Different?

When we started our piano studio 13 years ago, we did so with the mindset that we were going to be different… in a great way. It wasn’t enough to simply teach piano lessons; we wanted to teach EXCITING piano lessons. We were hell-bent on creating a piano program that few had ever seen before. And I think we have been very successful on sticking to that philosophy. To see how we launched a piano program that turned our local music industry on its head, click below.

3 Responses to Advertising Piano Lessons – Dare To Be Different

  1. Ginny Abbotts says

    I have been teaching piano for 30+ yrs. Absolutely love it, but, lately my student load has somewhat deminished, and I have tried every form of advertising known to man.
    I am interested in learning of new and exciting ways to expand my business and draw new clients.
    Any advise would be appreciated,
    Iam a very good teacher, and my students love me. And I love them as well.
    Thanks for your imput.
    Ginny L. Abbotts.

    • says

      Hi Ginny,

      I think sometimes it’s helpful to not think in terms of methods of advertising but instead think in terms of whose eyes are seeing it. There is blanket advertising and then there is targeted advertising and I think you might benefit from a more targeted approach. Our book “Piano Hands Shouldn’t Flip Burgers” goes into more detail about this than I can in a comment – might be worth it for you to check it out :)

  2. Ginny Abbotts says

    Looking for new piano students. I teach lessons to ages 7 and up.
    Iam experienced in every level from beginners to intermediate, to advanced.

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