What To Do When “For The love Of Music” Is Not Enough

Sharing the amazing benefits of music education

If it were up to me, every child would have access to music education; and more specifically piano education (this second aspect, of course, being completely self-serving). Unfortunately, there are … Continue Reading →

For Some Of My Piano Students, This Was The Wake Up Call They Needed

Life Lessons learned through using Piano Teaching Games

Disclaimer: I include a fairly even mix of competitive and non-competitive piano games in my lessons. I think that there are benefits and drawbacks of both types. This post is specifically discussing … Continue Reading →

Why You May Be Juggling (yes, literally juggling) at your next piano recital

Do this and your kids will practice!

The funny thing about being a parent is that suddenly it becomes acceptable to be a hypocrite. I tell my girls that fruit loops aren’t a good breakfast choice because they’re loaded with sugar… and the … Continue Reading →

Avoid “Smushing” and Improve Your Piano Student Communication

The Top 4 Phrases To Avoid Saying

Have you heard of "smushing"?  Probably not...  but it's a word I use to describe what happens when my questioning style accidentally "smushes" my students. Smushing means I phrase a question in a w … Continue Reading →

How You Can Recreate My Fondest Piano Lesson Memory With This “Save Santa” Composing Activity


What is one of my fondest holiday memories as a piano student? The lesson immediately following the Christmas recital! I can only describe the feeling as a huge sigh of relief. Up until that point I … Continue Reading →

Why I Won’t Let My ISA Disorder Interfere With Piano Teaching This Holiday Season

holiday piano practice

I have no idea what happened to October and November, but suddenly I find myself thrust into December. I know it’s December because I’m suffering from a bad case of ISA (Incomplete Shopping Anx … Continue Reading →

When The ‘Honeymoon’ Is Over… How To Re-Establish Boundaries With Piano Students


Recently I took on a new student. I had received a few warnings from those who knew her… ("Oooh… she's  a busy one." and "Hope you have lots of energy!").  So when she arrived for her first lesson I wa … Continue Reading →

7 Simple Solutions For Piano Studio Snoozers


When a dinner fork becomes an airplane, something magical happens… it immediately becomes a vessel capable of delivering the most revolting food into the gullets of young ones. At first glance the o … Continue Reading →