Every Piano Parent Should Receive This Handout After Their Child’s First Lesson


For a parent of a new piano student there is a whole lot of information coming your way... studio policies, new books, payment information, lesson assignment sheets... it can be overwhelming. And … Continue Reading →

How Piano Teaches Can Escape Hollow Praise… And Make Motivation Meaningful

How to effectively praise piano students

"Great Job!"... "Good girl!"... "Way to go!".... It's time to shake up your praise and make it more meaningful and effective. Well-timed and genuine praise is one of the most effective tools piano … Continue Reading →

The Piano Teacher’s First Lesson Check List… Are You Including These 10 Things?

10 things that should happen at a first piano lesson

Are you a newbie? Are you a "well-seasoned" teacher? How many first piano lessons have you taught? One? Forty? Two hundred? It's likely you have your own first-lesson routines. All teachers like to … Continue Reading →

5 Ways Piano Teachers Can Regroup After Losing Students

5 ways to minimize the effects of lost piano students

Have you recently lost a piano student? A couple piano students? A whole lot of piano students? At some point every piano teacher will deal with quitting, moving, graduating and just plain old … Continue Reading →

I Should Have Paid More Attention When A Piano Parent Answered This Question


Why do you want your child to take piano lessons? It’s a simple question; one that probably has you thinking, “Oh yeah… I already ask my new families that question. Come on Trevor and Andrea, is that … Continue Reading →

5 Wonderful Ways To Welcome Your Piano Students… Without Wasting Time

Use these 5 ideas to welcome piano students to their lessons

The door opens and it's a flurry of jackets and boots and parents and siblings... a new student has arrived. Then it's music bags and books and notices and practice pages and... phew! The first few … Continue Reading →

How 5 Feet Can Make All The Difference to Your Piano Students’ Technique

Improve Your Piano Students' Technique

I'm a lefty.  No, I'm not left-handed.  But I do sit on the left side of my piano students. Why? Because I've always done so. Likely because my piano teacher did so.  Likely because her neurotic dog ne … Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Check for Understanding… The Piano Teacher’s Guide to “Getting It”

8 ways to check for understanding

Do your piano students actually understand what you've just told them? This is a big question to ask yourself. We give so much information in such a short period of time.  So much of what we say is … Continue Reading →