Avoid “Smushing” and Improve Your Piano Student Communication

talking to piano students

Have you heard of "smushing"?  Probably not...  but it's a word I use to describe what happens when my questioning style accidentally "smushes" my students. Smushing means I phrase a question in a w … Continue Reading →

How You Can Recreate My Fondest Piano Lesson Memory With This “Save Santa” Composing Activity


What is one of my fondest holiday memories as a piano student? The lesson immediately following the Christmas recital! I can only describe the feeling as a huge sigh of relief. Up until that point I … Continue Reading →

Why I Won’t Let My ISA Disorder Interfere With Piano Teaching This Holiday Season

holiday piano practice

I have no idea what happened to October and November, but suddenly I find myself thrust into December. I know it’s December because I’m suffering from a bad case of ISA (Incomplete Shopping Anx … Continue Reading →

When The ‘Honeymoon’ Is Over… How To Re-Establish Boundaries With Piano Students


Recently I took on a new student. I had received a few warnings from those who knew her… ("Oooh… she's  a busy one." and "Hope you have lots of energy!").  So when she arrived for her first lesson I wa … Continue Reading →

7 Simple Solutions For Piano Studio Snoozers


When a dinner fork becomes an airplane, something magical happens… it immediately becomes a vessel capable of delivering the most revolting food into the gullets of young ones. At first glance the o … Continue Reading →

The Brutal Honesty of a Friend… A Great Check In For Piano Teachers


I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at taking constructive criticism.  OK... That's a lie.  I'm horrible at it.  Let me start again, "I'd like to be pretty good at taking constructive criticism". My … Continue Reading →

When Minecraft Met Minor Chords… Using Your Piano Students’ Interests To Your Advantage


I have a minecraft-obsessed piano student (as many of you do, I'm sure!).  It's all he talks about. I'm not a video game person and so it was initially a little tiring. Me:  "So let's take a look at t … Continue Reading →

Here’s A Cheeky Piano Practice Printable That Is Sure To Motivate Any Piano Student

Piano Chores

Occasionally I amuse myself… today is one of those times. But before I get to the root of my amusement, be forewarned, I have a great relationship with my piano parents so I find it funny to keep t … Continue Reading →