Thinking of Adding Another Teacher To Your Studio? Read This First!


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Your Guide to Invested, Involved and Inspired Piano Parents


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How to use an iPad in your Piano Lessons: Podcast Episode 15


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How To Reinforce Listening Skills With An Easter Printable


We spend a lot of time learning to produce music in piano lessons... but likely not as much time learning how to listen to it.  And I think part of the reason this happens is because we assume that … Continue Reading →

How to Teach “Way Too Hard” Piano Sheet Music To Your Excited Student


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The Piano Ninja’s Guide To Rapid Studio Growth


When it comes to studio marketing, piano parents are your greatest ally. There is simply no better way to grow your studio than to have parents sing your praises to everyone they know. So, it just … Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Delinquent Piano Parent


Gulp. I have a confession to make. I live and breathe piano education... but my own daughter has her piano lesson on Thursdays... and her books didn't emerge from her piano bag until Monday. Do I … Continue Reading →

Whoa! What Just Happened Here?


Today the makeover is complete! For the last two months Andrea and I have been working hard behind the scenes on a website redesign and we're thrilled with what has been … Continue Reading →