10 Tips for How to Teach Piano to Dyslexic Learners… Tip #6 Has Worked Wonders for Me


Questions surrounding how to best help dyslexic learners in your piano studio is one of the most common questions we receive.. and probably rightly so!  Statistics show us that 1 in 5 children have a … Continue Reading →

A Piano Printable For You – Meet The Theory Police


Imagine the excitement on your little piano student’s face when you tell him he is about to become a member of the Piano Police… badge included. I’d bet dimes to dollars that that last sentence alrea … Continue Reading →

Who Is The Piano Student That Worries Me The Most?

worries me

Students who struggle despite their best efforts break my heart. If you happen to feel the same way about your stoic strugglers, then I have a quick little strategy to share that will make you feel … Continue Reading →

Finding Your Method Book Soul-Mate


If you head into any sheet music department, the majority of shelf space is taken up by the "giants" in the method book world.  It's not hard to quickly discover who the big guys are.   But before y … Continue Reading →

Complete This Sentence: I am the Piano Teacher Who

what makes you

I often wish I was really great at just one thing. Unfortunately I’m a “jack-of-all trades” kind of guy. And it’s been like that my entire life. I was always good enough at sports to compete at a high … Continue Reading →

How To Jazz Up Ear Training With “The Cups Song”


Ear training is one of those things that can be difficult to jazz-up as a piano teacher.  Play backs, clap backs, intervals... there's only so much you can do. Or is there? Singing students at my … Continue Reading →

5 Piano Piece Details That Students Shouldn’t Overlook


So you've got starting position covered, key signature, time signature, accidentals, tempo, articulation, dynamics, fingering... expression...whew! ... completing a piano piece is a lot of work! … Continue Reading →

A Simple Solution That May Get Rid of “No-Practice” Weeks


I hate car seats. If it weren't for the inevitable massive clouds of black smoke, I would seriously consider hosting a seat-burning party when our girls finally graduate to car seat freedom. Yesterday … Continue Reading →