How To Host A Piano Parent Meet and Greet


In all of my years of teaching one thing has stayed constant… the absolute need for parents to be “on board” with the entire piano lesson process.  Without parental support our jobs are a whole lot mor … Continue Reading →

What a Real Life Strong Lady Taught Me About Piano Teaching


For the last week, Trevor and I have been taking our girls to see a travelling circus, a strong lady, a world record holding jugglers, and a bunch of comedians. All of these performers have been part … Continue Reading →

What Are TEDDtales And Why You Will Shout… Finally!

TEDDtales Level 1 Cover 300

When something is right, it just feels right! I spend a lot of time running new piano teaching resources through my mind. To the rest of the world it seems like I’m just sitting at a desk staring out … Continue Reading →

Exploring the Cognitive Benefits of Piano Instruction with Dr. Frances Rauscher

The cognitive

As a piano teacher we see first-hand every day the many positive effects that music instruction has on our students… but how much do you know about the research behind the cognitive benefits of music e … Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Practice Away From The Piano: Part 1

practice away from piano

One of my students is away for three weeks this summer.  “I won’t be able to practice!” he grinned at me in his typical mischevious way.  Oh little man… do I have a surprise for you…. We’re into writi … Continue Reading →

How To Plan For a Year’s Worth of Piano Lessons (Part 1)

A Year of Piano Lessons

Planning for a year's worth of piano lessons can be a daunting task, so its no wonder that this is one of our most commonly asked questions. There is no “standard curriculum” for piano teachers to fol … Continue Reading →

How To Control The “Trickle Down Effect” in your Piano Studio


Recently, I completely changed the way I eat. Through a program designed to discover food sensitivities I rapidly realized that everything I ate had some sort of "trickle down effect" into almost e … Continue Reading →

Could This Technique Improve Your Piano Students’ Abilities?


Today on the TeachPianoToday Podcast we're interviewing Robert Rickover; an expert in the Alexander Technique.  For those of you who just asked "What's that?", or for those of you who have heard of … Continue Reading →