The Method Book Dilemma Faced By Us All – Yearly Piano Planning Part 2


If you’ve read through and executed Part 1 of our Yearly Planning Series you now have your very own piano teaching framework. The rest of this post assumes you've chosen "Option Two" to build your sc … Continue Reading →

How To Plan For a Year’s Worth of Piano Lessons (Part 1)

A Year of Piano Lessons

Planning for a year's worth of piano lessons can be a daunting task, so its no wonder that this is one of our most commonly asked questions. There is no “standard curriculum” for piano teachers to fol … Continue Reading →

3 Ear Training Tricks That Your Piano Kids Can Use Today!


I skipped my rhythmic dictation class in University more times than I'd like to admit. Trevor and I would head over to the cafeteria for hash browns and french toast instead. And while it was a great … Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Recognize One Note – How To Read Notes On The Staff

Choosing a note reading method

It seems everyone has a theory on how best to teach piano students to recognize notes on the staff. Some teachers live and breathe mnemonics while other teachers loathe mnemonics. Some teachers drill … Continue Reading →

How To Teach Piano To An Overnight Success

Struggling Piano Student

Every weekday morning I take Lexi to school and spend the first 15 minutes of the day reading with her and her classmates. I love to start my day this way! It is very inspiring to watch young children … Continue Reading →

Help is Here for ‘Hammer Hands’ Henry


 "My student has one volume: loud.  On occasion he finds a mezzo forte, but it is rare.  My word for his technique is "hammer hands".  I do not think it's in his nature to play gently." For some stu … Continue Reading →

10 Tips for How to Teach Piano to Dyslexic Learners… Tip #6 Has Worked Wonders for Me


Questions surrounding how to best help dyslexic learners in your piano studio is one of the most common questions we receive.. and probably rightly so!  Statistics show us that 1 in 5 children have a … Continue Reading →

How to Teach Piano to Breeze Ahead Brittany

wall image

Have you taught a student like this before?:  Breeze Ahead Brittany sails through the first 25 pages of her primer level book.  She begs for more songs each week... "I can do five!  Puhleeeze can I do … Continue Reading →