Your Music Library Will Never Look The Same Again


Andrea and I are excited to announce the official launch of! It’s been a wild and crazy February with a whole lot of creativity and a serious lack of sleep. But that’s how we rol … Continue Reading →

Don’t You Wish Every Student Had This Piano Problem?…

The power of just one piano piece

I received an email from a parent today... "Any tips for getting my daughter to stop playing the piano?  She's seriously obsessed!"  Obviously a tongue-and-cheek comment from a mom who is thrilled t … Continue Reading →

Could Your Student Do This? ‘On The Spot’ Pieces and Why You Need Them

My piano lesson experiences as a young child consisted mostly of prepping for exams.  I'd spend about 6 months learning 4 pieces... I'd take the exam... and then 2 months later I'd have completely … Continue Reading →

Do Your Piano Students Have an “Interesting” Taste in Music?

Have you ever watched Toopy and Binoo? It’s a children’s cartoon, and I’m pretty sure it was created to test the limits of my sanity. This is no exaggeration... I dare you to watch an episode! And yet … Continue Reading →

Our New Project Is Ready To Launch… Check It Out!


We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest project, Kick It Classical Radio. Kick It Classical Radio grew out of a very real need to expose our piano students to classical music in a … Continue Reading →

What a Bunch of Wierdos!… Inspire Your Students With Quirky Composer Facts

Did you know that the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol wore a wig... to bed?! Did you know that he also had 25 cats, and that each and everyone was named “Sam”?! Did you know that Andy Warhol once sha … Continue Reading →

Give Your Christmas Piano Recital the Ka-Pow It Needs

I cannot stress enough how important Christmas Recitals are to a music studio or school. With parents, friends, and community members all in attendance, there is no greater time for your studio to … Continue Reading →

When Mozart Met Lady Gaga – Now Everyone’s Happy

Has the battle ended? Has someone found a way for classical and popular repertoire to exist peacefully in our piano teaching studios? I am going to cautiously say… maybe! All joking aside, let’s be … Continue Reading →