How To Repair The Damage After a Piano Recital Flop


It's recital season... and that means that thousands of children around the world are preparing to place themselves in front of a room full of people... and odds are... some will flop! While we all … Continue Reading →

A Trash To Treasure Composing Activity! Have Fun and Clean Out Your Junk Drawer…


I'm going to bare my soul and share the most embarrassing part of my entire house. I have a junk drawer.  And it contains a frustrating jam-the-drawer-shut collection of everything from hair elastics … Continue Reading →

Why Piano Teachers Should Hold Student-Led Interviews… Piano Style!


Last week a huge windstorm knocked out power in our part of the woods. Because of the lack of power, and an enormous tree that had fallen across the road, Parent-Teacher Interviews at Lexi’s school w … Continue Reading →

The “Zero In” Productivity Printable That Should Live In Every Piano Student’s Binder


I once had a professor in university who seemed to mark papers with some sort of "throw a dart at a letter grade and that's what you get" type system. He had no criteria or written expectations - he'd … Continue Reading →

How I Managed To Give My Piano Students Extra Lesson Time Without Increasing My Teaching Time


Disclaimer – I know this won't work with all siblings, but if you have a couple of little angels or "best friends", you may discover that the following experiment can work for you too! On Wednesday a … Continue Reading →

The 12 Tip Guilt-Trip – How To Hammer Home The Importance Of Piano Recital Participation


It's recital season… and that means you're busy planning, prepping and doing up programs. But are your participation numbers a little less than you'd hoped? Do you have piano students (and parents) w … Continue Reading →

What Piano Teachers Can Learn From Lexi’s Tongue-Twisted Spelling Test


After helping Lexi with her spelling dictation last night, Trevor's tongue is sufficiently twisted. The night involved Trevor reciting the sentences she had brought home while Lexi attempted to record … Continue Reading →

How To Make Piano Lessons a Safe Haven For Troubled Students


Our youngest daughter turned three in October. At this stage, many parents would be relieved that they made it though the “terrible twos”. But truth be told, we didn’t feel relief because Halle was a l … Continue Reading →