How Four “Mistake-Busters” Can Turn Students Into Sight-Reading Superstars


Want to strike fear into the hearts of pianists great and small?… Spring some sight-reading on them! My piano students are not what you might call "sight-reading super fans". I am not what you might c … Continue Reading →

Why Teach Piano Today Readers Will Be Racing To Their Computers On Monday Morning

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Kick Flick: I Know You’ll Make Time For This Soccer-Themed Piano Game

piano games

First off… thank you to everyone who responded to Monday’s PianoGameClub post. With over 700 comments, our website just about blew up! It was wonderful to read everyone’s responses… and to see how exc … Continue Reading →

Ribbit Rhythms: An Action-Packed Piano Game You Can Print And Use This Afternoon

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If You Encourage Your Piano Parents To Do Just One Thing… Make It This


We expect all children to learn to read. It's just a given. So why is it then that we don't expect all children to be musical? This is a statement that drew me to Dr. Lisa Koops and her research and … Continue Reading →

Stop the “Spinning Tires” with this Printable for your Piano Students’ Binders


When I first started teaching I had a student who would "get stuck".  Kayla would open her book at home, decide that something about her piece was too difficult and then spend the rest of the week "spi … Continue Reading →

Do Your Piano Students Experience “Login Frustration” During Your Lessons?


Like a good little computer user, I have different passwords for many of the different protected websites I access. Like a bad little computer user, I have, after forgetting one of these passwords, … Continue Reading →

Practicing Piano Students Wanted: A Wild West Themed Practice Incentive


Once the excitement of the new school year has faded, it's a great idea to start a studio-wide practice incentive to ramp up the enthusiasm. Last year we did the "Pump-Kin Up The Practice" incentive … Continue Reading →