How Bach Can Help You Dig Out of the Snow


It's been a rough winter! Piano teachers have dealt with snow, ice rain, flooding and power outages. If you are one of the thousands of piano teachers looking at your list of cancelled lessons and … Continue Reading →

How To Jazz Up Ear Training With “The Cups Song”


Ear training is one of those things that can be difficult to jazz-up as a piano teacher.  Play backs, clap backs, intervals... there's only so much you can do. Or is there? Singing students at my … Continue Reading →

What?! I Have One More Piano Lesson To Go? (How To Fill The Final Lesson)

Santa Piano Image

In a perfect world your piano students would present a brilliant recital, you'd wish your studio families a happy holiday and then promptly head home, put your feet up and enjoy a nice eggnog... … Continue Reading →

Posture Perfect… Tips For Your Piano Kids

good posture image

Helping our piano kids to develop good technical habits is an important part of piano teaching.  So much of what we teach happens away from the sheet music - we are responsible for giving our students … Continue Reading →

A Piano Teacher’s Guide to Surviving Halloween Week

halloween practice image

It's the week of Halloween... and, aside from having wired piano kids, you're probably also going to have piano kids who are super busy this week with costume parties, school dances, trick or treating … Continue Reading →

Who Made the Piano Method Book Rule?

piano book rule image

Time management in a piano lesson can be a tricky thing.  Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how in the world you’re going to cram all your piano teaching brilliance into a single les … Continue Reading →

Surf’s Up Dude… How I’ve Added Some Real Summer Flair To My Piano Lessons

While I spend a great deal of my year under an umbrella with some serious rain gear on, the weather in my part of the world has been absolutely gorgeous lately.  As much as I love my job, it can still … Continue Reading →

22 Creative Ways to “Play it Again”; Turning Piano Teaching Repetition On It’s Head

22 "thumbs up" ways to play the same piano piece

Repetition is an inevitable part of piano lessons.  But we can all get sick of saying "One more time from the top!".  And if we're sick of saying it, you can bet that our piano kids are sick of h … Continue Reading →