How To Deal With Difficult Situations Online And In Your Piano Studio


On Friday Trevor and I received a parcel in the mail from a Teach Piano Today reader. Inside the parcel were two beautiful jars of homemade honey. The honey was a thank you gift for helping a fellow … Continue Reading →

The Epic Piano Studio Journey… What Will Be Yours?


I'm reading a fascinating book right now called "Walking the Gobi" by Helen Thayer.  To sum it up, the author (age 63) and her husband, Bill, (age 74) set off to walk across the Gobi desert with … Continue Reading →

We Need 1000 Piano Teachers, Can You Help?


I bet you'd love to get more piano students. Well believe it or not, that is merely a side effect, albeit a wonderful one, of today's announcement! Today we're excited to announce the launch of our … Continue Reading →

The Seven Wonders of The Piano Teaching World

Seven Wonders of the Piano Teaching World

Miracles take place every day in our piano studios... and while they may not be as grand as the Statue of Zeus or the Pyramids of Giza, they are "wonders" all the same. I'm all about celebrating … Continue Reading →

A Family In Need – How Music Can Help…

If you spend any amount of time reading piano teaching blogs on the internet, you have no doubt come across Natalie Wickham's Music Matters Blog. As a pioneer in the field, Natalie has been sharing … Continue Reading →

How a Hero’s Music Turned the Tides of War

May we never underestimate the power of music. James Richardson, a Canadian piper in World War 1, certainly didn’t. In the bloody Battle of the Somme, the 20 year old Canadian stood atop the t … Continue Reading →

If this isn’t your reason for teaching piano, I don’t know what is…

Begin with the end in mind… a mantra followed by so many looking to achieve success. When I start teaching piano to new students I always begin with the SAME end in mind... and it has brought me a lot … Continue Reading →

Playing For Change Day – Play a Song, Build a School, Change the World

Playing for Change Day is less than a week away. The schedule is tight and your piano studios probably just got rolling after summer break, but if you could swing it, what a great thing to be a part … Continue Reading →