How You Can Help Us Serve Up The Perfect Piano Posts In 2015

Answering your piano teaching questions

We hit up our favourite pizza place today.  We'd just finished record shopping (a new record player for Christmas has turned us into the sort who flip through vinyls in teensy tiny record stores f … Continue Reading →

How to Teach “Way Too Hard” Piano Sheet Music To Your Excited Student


How many of us have been in this situation: your piano student rushes into your studio grinning from ear to ear, brandishing a piece of sheet music bestowed upon her by a well-meaning family member. … Continue Reading →

Tell Us Your Problems… I Mean… Tell Us Your Piano Problems


Several months ago we reached out to our readers to collect a list of their biggest piano pain points. We had a ton of submissions, almost all of which became inspiration for blog posts. So Today, … Continue Reading →

Your Burning Piano Teaching Questions Answered


About three times a year we reach out to the Teach Piano Today community; asking our readers to submit their burning piano teaching questions for us to then answer in our blog posts.  We want to be … Continue Reading →

Take That Twitter! Your Piano Teaching Questions Answered in 88 Characters or Less

Piano teaching questions answered

Have you ever thought something sounded like fun until you actually were confronted with “said fun”. You know what I mean… like bungee jumping; it sounds fun, until you’re perched on a platform hundred … Continue Reading →

Talking with Teachers – Share Your Best Advice For A Newbie

Every day new teachers visit our blog who are just beginning their journey into the world of piano education. Some have a few students, some are advertising for students, and some are merely kicking … Continue Reading →

Time For A Giveaway, But First…

We need your burning piano teaching questions! After a summer hiatus, Question and Answer Day is back! And let me tell you... we've missed it. Answering your most pressing questions is our favourite … Continue Reading →

Who’s the Boss? It’s Q&A Day!

Question: How do I manage a mother that comes with her son to his piano lesson? She interrupts continually. She is an accomplished pianist in her own right -- she plays piano at her church. She plays … Continue Reading →