Head To The Beach With This Piano Teaching Game!


Is it feeling like summer where you live?  It certainly is here!  And so today we're sharing a beach-themed piano teaching game to keep your kiddos motivated and excited about their lessons through the … Continue Reading →

Chalk This Up As One Fun Summer Piano Game

Summer Piano Game

You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a movie theatre into a still-sunny day? Well, despite a sunny studio, I still get that “emerging from a chrysalis feeling” after a long day spent tea … Continue Reading →

Sly As A Fox – A Fun Piano Printable To Improve Bass Clef Note Reading


Have you been sitting at your computer thinking… "Hmmm… Teach Piano Today hasn't given away a free game lately!"?  If so, then you'll be happy you opened your email today! Yes, we've been busy with th … Continue Reading →

If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em – The Piano Teacher’s Guide To Playing Nice With Sports

Sports vs Piano Lessons

Spring time… the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, sports are starting… oh crap… sports are starting!  For many piano teachers, spring marks the start of Missed Piano Lessons Season, where … Continue Reading →

Challenge Your Piano Students To A Dynamic Duel… A Free Printable Game!

Dynamic Piano Game

Today we wanted to share with you a piano teaching game that reinforces your piano students' understanding of dynamics while also encouraging them to revisit past piano pieces. The game will pit you … Continue Reading →

A Printable Piano Card Game – Into the New Year With Intervals

Piano Interval Card Game Image

If your New Years resolution was to bring more fun and games to your piano teaching table then we have a great printable to share with you today! Into the New Year With Intervals is a simple piano … Continue Reading →

How To Play “Where’s Wolfgang” in Your Piano Studio Waiting Room

Mozart Image

Nobody enjoys waiting. Whether you’re in a doctor’s office or a piano studio, waiting is boring. For young children, waiting is really boring. So, to combat the boredom, we’ve created a fun little game … Continue Reading →

Have Fun With ‘Wintervals’…A Free Piano Teaching Game!

wintervals game image

Here in Canada it's definitely starting to feel like winter.  And while we don't live in an igloo or ride a dog sled to work, but we are feeling a tad bit frosty here in the Great White North!  And as … Continue Reading →