Here’s What Happens At Our House When You Pull Out The Mic and Plug In The Amp


As many of you already know, Andrea and I are the (very) proud parents of two wonderful girls, Lexi and Halle. While Halle still sports her pudgy toddler cheeks, I worry that Lexi has moved beyond … Continue Reading →

How Thrift Store Junk Can Motivate Your Piano Students


In July of 2009 an experiment was conducted that did not have anything to do with piano teaching. But, as it turned out, the results have EVERYTHING to do with piano teaching. The Significant … Continue Reading →

From Pinterest to Piano Teaching Awesomeness in 5 Simple Steps


I could easily spend an entire day happily sifting through Pinterest… okay I could probably happily spend a week! But when you're a piano teacher time is precious, and you may think that Pinterest is … Continue Reading →

The Magic of Teaching Piano Using Mirroring


I spend quite a bit of time working with my piano kids on developing fluency in their playing. Why? Because there's benefits for everyone when this "clicks" for them: 1. As the teacher you are able … Continue Reading →

Finding Your Method Book Soul-Mate


If you head into any sheet music department, the majority of shelf space is taken up by the "giants" in the method book world.  It's not hard to quickly discover who the big guys are.   But before y … Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Piano Teaching Posts in 2013


In 2013 Trevor and I wrote a combined 195 piano teaching posts. That’s 136 500 words of piano teaching advice… which just happens to be more words than were needed to write Harry Potter and the Pri … Continue Reading →

You Know That Awkward Moment Before They Break Down In Tears?…

piano student who needs help image

When one of my students has a hard time finding the right note or playing the right note, I feel like I should step in and show them how, but I also feel like I should give them some time to figure it … Continue Reading →

The Top 3 Piano Studio Clutter Monsters… and How to Tame Them

stop piano studio clutter image

If you were to walk into our home you'd know instantly that Trevor and I love simplicity and detest clutter.  Our house is completely white; walls, furniture, kitchen, carpet (yes... even with two … Continue Reading →