Why Takeru Kobayashi Is An Unlikely, But Extremely Helpful Piano Pedagogue

struggling piano students

Ever head of a man named Takeru Kobayashi? He is a visionary. He is a genius. He is a 128 pound, world-record hotdog eating champion. In 2001 he doubled the world record when he came out of nowhere … Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Check for Understanding… The Piano Teacher’s Guide to “Getting It”

8 ways to check for understanding

Do your piano students actually understand what you've just told them? This is a big question to ask yourself. We give so much information in such a short period of time.  So much of what we say is … Continue Reading →

Why You May Be Juggling (yes, literally juggling) at your next piano recital

Do this and your kids will practice!

The funny thing about being a parent is that suddenly it becomes acceptable to be a hypocrite. I tell my girls that fruit loops aren’t a good breakfast choice because they’re loaded with sugar… and the … Continue Reading →

The Brutal Honesty of a Friend… A Great Check In For Piano Teachers


I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at taking constructive criticism.  OK... That's a lie.  I'm horrible at it.  Let me start again, "I'd like to be pretty good at taking constructive criticism". My … Continue Reading →

How I Managed To Give My Piano Students Extra Lesson Time Without Increasing My Teaching Time


Disclaimer – I know this won't work with all siblings, but if you have a couple of little angels or "best friends", you may discover that the following experiment can work for you too! On Wednesday a … Continue Reading →

What Piano Teachers Can Learn From Lexi’s Tongue-Twisted Spelling Test


After helping Lexi with her spelling dictation last night, Trevor's tongue is sufficiently twisted. The night involved Trevor reciting the sentences she had brought home while Lexi attempted to record … Continue Reading →

Here’s What Happens At Our House When You Pull Out The Mic and Plug In The Amp


As many of you already know, Andrea and I are the (very) proud parents of two wonderful girls, Lexi and Halle. While Halle still sports her pudgy toddler cheeks, I worry that Lexi has moved beyond … Continue Reading →

How Thrift Store Junk Can Motivate Your Piano Students


In July of 2009 an experiment was conducted that did not have anything to do with piano teaching. But, as it turned out, the results have EVERYTHING to do with piano teaching. The Significant … Continue Reading →