5 Ways Beginning Piano Students Can Sound Better… Faster


Beginning piano students have a lot to think about: note reading, rhythm, coordination, posture... their brains are busy! It is therefore easy to get caught up in the mechanics of learning a piece and … Continue Reading →

How To Teach Your Piano Kids To Play With a Beautiful Tone


Wow... we piano teachers have a lot on our plate.  We teach hand position, correct fingering, note reading, rhythmic accuracy, correct posture, phrasing, articulation… I could go on and on and on.  B … Continue Reading →

Don’t Fall Behind…A Piano Teacher’s Guide to the Bench.

Piano Bench Image

Ask any piano bench and they'll tell you it's a tooshie... I mean touchy subject.  The piano gets all the glory, and the bench?...  Well, the bench gets the tail end of the deal.  Butt one can't live w … Continue Reading →

Avoid Polyrhythms on the Piano Like the Plague… Or, Just Read This!

visual representation of polyrhythms for piano students

"Those are yucky.  Let's just skip this one."  My piano student's first venture into playing 3 against 2 was not one she initially enjoyed... and I can't say I blamed her.  Polyrhythms can be hard!  N … Continue Reading →

Just Get Crabby!… 3 Simple Ways to Fix Your Piano Student’s Stiff Pinky Finger

Fixing stiff 5 fingers with crab imagery

How many of you have a piano student who has a pinky finger that is as stiff as a wet sock in the Arctic?  It points up and out as though challenging the fallboard of your piano to some sort of duel, … Continue Reading →

How To Teach Piano Kids Trills Without Going “le Coucou”

Ornamentation and embellishment is uncharted territory for many piano students heading into more serious repertoire.  Most method books don't touch the topic of trills and the like... but once they … Continue Reading →

Fix Your Piano Students’ Broken Baroque With A Touch Of Cool

Making baroque music appealing to your students

Many piano students have a real feeling of  "Blah towards Baroque".  As a result, these pieces are often neglected during practice, and the technique required to play Baroque music suffers.  As pi … Continue Reading →

Piano Technique Bootcamp: Excercise that Mighty Mental Muscle!

forgetful piano kid image

Since becoming a Mom for a second time I find myself frequently stopping and staring blankly at whatever room I've entered... "Why was I in here again?!" My memory certainly isn't what it used to … Continue Reading →