When It Comes To Teaching Piano… This Makes All The Difference

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It frustrates me when a student forgets a cheque, or misses a cheque… or bounces a cheque. It frustrates me when a student forgets a lesson, or misses a lesson… or asks for a make-up lesson. And it fru … Continue Reading →

Today A Singing Nun Sent Me a Wonderful Reminder

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A singing nun is all the rage on youtube these days. Her performance on The Voice of Italy shocked and delighted the judges, the audience, and the viewing public… I mean, really, it’s not everyday we g … Continue Reading →

Teach Piano Today’s 2nd Annual “Gifts For Teachers” Laugh-a-thon


This week we’ll be giving our typing fingers (in Trevor’s case, his two pointers) a well-deserved break, but before stepping slowly away from the keyboard we simply have to hold the 2nd Annual “Gifts F … Continue Reading →

A Great Way To Get All of Your Piano Teaching Questions Answered

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If I hadn’t met Andrea way back in high school I'd be divorced by now. Truth be told, if Andrea hadn't met me back in high school, she would be divorced too. There simply isn't anyone else in the w … Continue Reading →

After 109 Years; The Oldest Living Pianist and Her Inspirational Story

If you have a spare 12 minutes this morning, I really suggest you press play on this video and start your day off with a massive dose of inspiration.   This video tells the story of Alice … Continue Reading →

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love each and every day…

Yesterday, our newest resource, Pssst… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Theory, was made available to members on the pre-release list. The response was, in a word, overwhelming! We feel truly b … Continue Reading →

Making Fun Of Our Two Biggest Frustrations: A Collaborative Piano Teacher Project…

What's a hot topic amongst piano teachers? It's probably a pretty well-matched tug-of-war between make-up lessons and piano lesson payments. There's nothing that gets us fired up more than a) losing … Continue Reading →

I Think This Kid Just One-Upped Mozart

We all know Mozart’s great. The stories are legendary to musicians and non-musicians alike. We also all know that Mozart was a child prodigy. In fact, he is probably the most famous child prodigy… of a … Continue Reading →