My Piano Students Call Me Andrea… But Should They?


When I was little I called all of my friends parents Mr. Friends-Dad or Mrs. Friends-Mom.  Calling them by anything other than that was completely out of the question. Now, even as an adult, when I … Continue Reading →

Give People a Reason To “Like”, or better yet, Love Your Piano Studio


Do you have a studio Facebook page, but don't have many "likes"?  Do you have lots of "likes" but no idea what to post?  Do you not have a Facebook page at all?  If you answered "yes" to any of these q … Continue Reading →

Thinking of Adding Another Teacher To Your Studio? Read This First!


We are asked this question a lot:  "Can you give me some tips on how to add another teacher to my studio?"  When you're maxed out on students, but looking to increase your teaching income, the answer s … Continue Reading →

Your Guide to Invested, Involved and Inspired Piano Parents


This tops the list as one of the most-asked piano teaching questions; "How can I keep the parents of my piano students involved?" While this answer may not work for every single instance… I have f … Continue Reading →

Complete This Sentence: I am the Piano Teacher Who

what makes you

I often wish I was really great at just one thing. Unfortunately I’m a “jack-of-all trades” kind of guy. And it’s been like that my entire life. I was always good enough at sports to compete at a high … Continue Reading →

37 Things This Piano Teacher Will Never Do Again

37 don't do's image

It's time to learn from my mistakes!  And believe me... I've made many.  In the almost 15 years I've spent running a very large music studio I've had my share of time to both triumph... and not.  So, i … Continue Reading →

How New Teachers Can Grow Their Piano Studios… Fast

Piano Trial Lesson Image

When restaurateurs open up a new food joint in town, what’s the first thing they do? Give away food! People will stand in line for the better part of a day to sink their teeth into a free hamburger, s … Continue Reading →

This Piano Teacher Makes Friends With Doritos

piano teacher confession image

"So sorry to bother you... can you remind me of the piano book fee for Emily please?" This email came through as I sat at my computer last night.  I had two choices in how I answered. 1)  Karen - the … Continue Reading →