8 Wise Ways to Save Time in Your Piano Studio


In an attempt to stream-line my increasingly busy life I've decided to check 8 things off my list of "never-get-a-chance-to-do" tasks.  You know the ones… those tasks that niggle in the back of your mi … Continue Reading →

A Traveling Piano Teacher’s Guide to Hanging Up The Car Keys


As many of you know, I started out as a "Piano Teacher On Wheels".  I held lessons in my students' homes every Saturday and drove back and forth all over the valley where I live. In rain, snow and … Continue Reading →

Is This Stopping You From Rapid Studio Growth?


Has it ever crossed your mind to walk into a PetSmart and ask for a haircut? What about asking to purchase 1/4 of a shrimp at your local grocery store? If these sound absurd… then I know I’m writing f … Continue Reading →

What Is The Opposite Of A Good Piano Lesson?… Not What You Think


I have a theory that applies to life... and it certainly applies to piano teaching too. I thought that if I made it into a cool little quote everyone would pin it like mad and my name might become … Continue Reading →

Does Your Piano Studio Look Like A Soviet-Era Apartment Block?

The Importance of Color in your Piano Studio

Ever heard of Tirana? Ever visited Tirana? I’m guessing not! But with one simple picture you’ll want to learn more. Here, check it out… Tirana is the capital of Albania. Decades ago as it emerged fr … Continue Reading →

My Piano Students Call Me Andrea… But Should They?


When I was little I called all of my friends parents Mr. Friends-Dad or Mrs. Friends-Mom.  Calling them by anything other than that was completely out of the question. Now, even as an adult, when I … Continue Reading →

Give People a Reason To “Like”, or better yet, Love Your Piano Studio


Do you have a studio Facebook page, but don't have many "likes"?  Do you have lots of "likes" but no idea what to post?  Do you not have a Facebook page at all?  If you answered "yes" to any of these q … Continue Reading →

Thinking of Adding Another Teacher To Your Studio? Read This First!


We are asked this question a lot:  "Can you give me some tips on how to add another teacher to my studio?"  When you're maxed out on students, but looking to increase your teaching income, the answer s … Continue Reading →