Keep ‘em Coming Back For More – 7 Ways To Boost Re-registration Rates

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If, like us, you follow the public school schedule and take a bit of a summer break, then you are no doubt coming up on re-registration season; when parents decide if piano lessons will once again … Continue Reading →

How Did You Find Your Very First Piano Student?

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If you’re a devoted Teach Piano Today reader, you have no doubt noticed seasonal trends in our posting schedule. In February our posts often revolve around keeping piano lessons fresh and exciting w … Continue Reading →

Exciting News For Anyone Looking To Grow Their Piano Studio Next Year

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I don’t think it will come as a shock to anyone to learn that one of the biggest challenges piano teachers face is finding piano students. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn't have to ru … Continue Reading →

Oops! Piano Student Interview Mistakes And How to Avoid Them


Your phone rings... it's a potential student!  You talk some details and then you arrange an interview.  For all intents and purposes this is a "done deal".  As long as the child isn't hanging from yo … Continue Reading →

Searching For Sugar Maples: The Truth About Finding Piano Students

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Did you know that a sugar maple tree must be 50 years old before its sap can be safely harvested for maple syrup? I did. Yup... I knew that because I toured a sugar maple farm on a recent vacation. … Continue Reading →

Shake It Up… Seven Days to a Smarter Piano Studio

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It's the perfect time of year to shake the dust off your piano studio.  Follow our 7 day plan to make your piano studio more profitable, more efficient and more visible in your community. Day 1: … Continue Reading →

It’s “Open Your Windows” and Advertise Day!

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Here at we have a challenge for you this coming weekend:  set aside two hours of your time... open your window and... PRACTICE!  Yes, you heard us.  It's time to steal some moments … Continue Reading →

How A Racoon, A Pig, and A Panda Can Help to Fill Your Studio… Fast!

WunderKeys Piano For Preschoolers

Have you met the WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers finger friends yet?  If not, allow me to introduce Thumbelina, Pointer Panda, Middleton Mouse, Ringo Raccoon and Pinky Pig.  You'll want to get to k … Continue Reading →