How To Repair The Damage After a Piano Recital Flop


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The 12 Tip Guilt-Trip – How To Hammer Home The Importance Of Piano Recital Participation


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How To Teach Piano Students To Overcome Performance Anxiety


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How To Get Bigger Bows, Louder Voices, and Speed Control At Your Next Piano Recital

recital pet peeves

Let’s face it; piano recitals can be threatening. Very few six, seven, or eight year olds feel perfectly comfortable on stage in front of a crowd. So nobody’s surprised, that when their name is called … Continue Reading →

A Runner’s Guide To The Perfect Piano Performance


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The Piano Teacher’s Guide to The Stage Fright Monster

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How To Keep Your Recital Great ‘Til The Last Drop

Piano Recital Image

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Create The Coolest Christmas Recital Ever

Cool Recital Image

Unless you’re brand new to the piano teaching profession, you’ve probably thrown your fair number of Christmas recitals. And while students change and pieces change (sometimes!), recitals can be pre … Continue Reading →