11 Strategies For Growing Your Piano Studio With “The Friend Factor”


Piano teachers try all sorts of things to grow their studios; they ask for referrals (this can be awkward for some), they advertise in newspapers or website directories (this is becoming less … Continue Reading →

The Piano Ninja’s Guide To Rapid Studio Growth


When it comes to studio marketing, piano parents are your greatest ally. There is simply no better way to grow your studio than to have parents sing your praises to everyone they know. So, it just … Continue Reading →

One Very Cool Website and 5 Ways Piano Teachers Can Use it!

wordle image

If you're ever stuck for a cool advertising idea, then you need a wordle.  What's a wordle? It's a picture made from words.  Sounds simple... and a bit wierd... but it's actually very clever and has t … Continue Reading →

Make This Small Change To Your Piano Lesson Advertising… And Change The World!

piano education image

We've blogged before about how piano teachers wear many different hats... at times it can feel like we do more of the "other stuff" than actually teaching piano!  But we're here with one more task to … Continue Reading →

Why Santa Should Never Sell Perogies; Piano Studio Advertising Tips


Piano studio advertising and its challenges are something that we all face on a regular basis.  How? When?  To whom?  It's a tricky subject... as what works for one person can fall flat for another.  B … Continue Reading →

The 5 Essentials of Your Piano Advertising Campaign

5 Essentials to advertising piano lessons

Question:  What is the best way you have found to advertise? newspaper, flyers, mailings or just a little of everything? Forgive me… This post is going to sound like one big sales pitch but that is n … Continue Reading →

Advertising Piano Lessons – Dare To Be Different

Tips for advertising piano lessons

I cannot stress enough, the importance of UNIQUE advertising when it comes to piano lessons. I was reminded of this recently in a very un-piano-like atmosphere. On my way home from town on Monday, my … Continue Reading →

Your Piano Teaching Success Begins With One Simple Word…


The other day we asked our Facebook followers to describe their studio’s approach to teaching piano lessons in just one word. Well… the feedback was phenomenal! Immersive, dynamic, inspiring, cre … Continue Reading →